Large Dodgers fan soaks up some rays


Did anyone enjoy Wednesday’s game between the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers more than this guy? Fans who stuck around for the entire game were treated to a 14-inning marathon, but none of them killed it quite like our friend you see above, who was wearing little more than a grape smuggler.

The dude had the tan lines working and everything. He had to have been driving the ladies wild, but it didn’t seem like he gave a damn. He was in his own little (big?) two-Dos Equis, hot-dog-eating world. Baseball needs more day games.

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Report: Three Marines stabbed while trying to defuse fight between Angels, Dodgers fans

Angel-StadiumMonday marked the three-year anniversary of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow being beaten nearly to death at Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day 2011. Fan violence is unfortunately still very much a thing of the present, as three Marines were reportedly stabbed while trying to break up a street fight between Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers fans in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Sunday.

Police told the LA Times that the incident began when a woman wearing an Angels jersey got into an argument with two people who were wearing Dodgers gear. Three Marines who were passing by tried to come to the aid of the woman and were attacked and stabbed.

As police tried to break up the fight, one of the Marines was allegedly stabbed in the face with a broken beer bottle. Two people, 23-year-old Manuel Alexis Alvarez and 20-year-old Victoria Robledo, were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Four others were arrested and released after questioning.

When will this stuff stop? There’s nothing more idiotic than someone getting seriously injured over an argument that started because of fan loyalties.

LA Dodgers fans mock Atlanta Braves’ tomahawk chop (Video)

Dodgers-fans-tomahawk-chopThe Los Angeles Dodgers scored early and often on Sunday night to defeat the Atlanta Braves and take a 2-1 lead in the NLDS. The big inning for LA came in the fourth, when a string of hits and a two-run home run from Juan Uribe gave the Dodgers a 10-4 lead. That’s when thousands of fans at Dodger Stadium began mocking the Braves.

The first two games of the series at Turner Field featured plenty of tomahawk chopping. As most of you know, the tomahawk chop is a rather loud, obnoxious chant that Braves fans and Florida State fans are obsessed with. Unless the Braves come out hot on Wednesday night, Dodgers fans could assure that we hear that chant during every game of the NLDS.

As for the Braves players, they can always just pretend they’re playing at home when they see fans tomahawking at them. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto didn’t exactly have that luxury last week in Pittsburgh.

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Bryce Harper’s first hit ruined by fans who mooned the camera

Bryce Harper may have the ball from his first career hit, but the video clip shown on TV is ruined. A couple of kids at Dodger Stadium for the Nats-Dodgers game on Saturday night spoiled Harper’s first hit by mooning the center field camera. Yup, two rascals with a well thought out plan dropped trou as the 3-2 pitch was coming from Chad Billingsley. Harper blasted the pitch for a double off the base of the wall in center, and proceeded to knock off his helmet between first and second to show off his brilliant haircut to the world.

Dodgers fans were all over Harper all night. Not only did these juniors moon during his at-bat, but the fans booed him when he came to bat, and he heard it from the fans in the left field pavilion most of the game.

No word if Harper responded by blowing the kids a kiss.

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Roger Arrieta Leads Dodger Fans in Anti-Frank McCourt Rally (Video)

Roger Arrieta is a lifelong Dodgers fan who launched a “Mark Cuban Save the Dodgers” movement. He has a site, a Facebook group boasting over 3,000 likes, and a following on twitter. All the Save the Dodgers supporters are hardcore Dodgers fans who are sick of the Frank McCourt regime. They want him to sell the team so the franchise can regain its proud standing. They decided to voice their concerns with a rally on Saturday afternoon.

About 75 people showed up for a protest at the base of Dodger Stadium Saturday afternoon. Their mission was to urge other fans to boycott McCourt’s Dodgers. Here is a video of the anti-McCourt rally:

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What Happened to the Dodger Stadium I Used to Love?

I can remember the seemingly halcyon days of my childhood spent at Dodger Stadium. None of us really minded during those years that Kal Daniels was patrolling the outfield, Rafael Bournigal was booting ground balls around the infield, or that Tommy Lasorda would periodically take naps… during the games. As long as Vin Scully’s dulcet tones could be heard over a portable radio, narrating how the sun was setting, illuminating the San Gabriel Mountain-backdrop, then everything seemed right with the world on a summer’s evening. A week’s worth of PE classes dashed to pieces in one night’s worth of a Dodger Dog and Cool-a-Coo binge. The only tomfoolery to speak of was a bevy of beach balls that, more times than not, seemed to find themselves ricocheting off the head of an unsuspecting blue-haired spectator. And there was the memorable inflated Shamu replica that was spotted at the stadium once; the thing filled up an entire row of seats. Chavez Ravine was the place to be.

Then, at some point over the last decade or so, civility became less frequent than victories. Walter O’Malley’s prized Los Angeles jewel began to lose its shine quicker than requisitioned cubic zirconium. If you believe the recent stories about assault, drug use (apparently not performance-enhancing), and drunken hooliganism at the ballpark, Dodger Stadium has apparently been transformed into yard time at cell block D, only with less courteousness. The latest such incident involves San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow, whose apparent transgression was to wear the colors of the opposing team during the Dodgers’ season opener. Stow, a paramedic and father of two, was beaten into a coma and has suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the incident. Some misguided opinions have surfaced implying that he should have known better than to cheer for the opposition in a place where a stabbing occurred almost exactly two years earlier for similar reasons. The most ridiculous part of that assertion is that some actually believe this. Apparently, some fans have taken the meaning of sports fanatic a little too far. When did it get to the point where it is forbidden to cheer for the other team lest there be some sort of reprisal? Hammurabi probably would have speculated that some Dodger fans have gone overboard.

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Giants and Dodgers Address San Francisco Crowd in Sign of Unity

Both Dodgers fans and Giants fans have rallied in support of Bryan Stow, the paramedic who was savagely beaten on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers responded by announcing they will strengthen their security measures to ensure a safer home environment during games, and the Giants beefed up their security for this week’s series against the Dodgers. Prior to the series opener in San Francisco Monday, the players got together on the field and addressed fans. Here’s a video of how it looked:

Veterans Jamey Carroll of the Dodgers and Jeremy Affeldt of the Giants addressed the fans. Carroll reminded fans “There’s no room in this game for hatred and violence. It is about respect. This is America’s national pastime and let’s keep it that way.”

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