Darren Sharper Says He Would Take Drew Brees Over Brett Favre in the Clutch

It is no surprise to hear Darren Sharper say he would take former teammate Drew Brees over former teammate Brett Favre. Sharper played with Brees more recently and Brees is a much more well-liked NFL player than Favre.  However, the reason he gave is pretty entertaining.

“With the game on the line I would have to go with Mr. Drew Brees, because we’ve seen Brett — who I love to death — throw the ball up in the air when anyone can make a play on it, intercept it, at the end of games,” Sharper said on Sportscenter Tuesday according to Pro Football Talk. “If you want to come down to a two-minute drill where you need a play for your team to win, you go with one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL, and that’s Drew Brees.”

That’s an even easier question for Sharper to answer fresh off of Brees’ record-breaking performance against the Falcons.  Still, it’s fun to continue to use Favre as a punching bag.  That makes two players this season who have said they prefer their current signal-caller to the Ole Gunslinger.  All Favre is a jackass jokes aside, I’d take Brees or Aaron Rodgers over him any day.

Drew Brees: Tim Tebow Stands for A Lot of Great Things

While Tim Tebow has been quickly become the greatest thing the media has experienced in recent history, he does not receive the same respect from many players across the NFL.  Players and analysts tend to think the way Tebow is performing is a fluke.  As Joe Theismann put it, we should all enjoy the circus while it’s in town because it can’t possibly last.  Brian Urlacher said Tebow is a “good running back” even after the Broncos beat the Bears.  However, fellow quarterback Drew Brees came to the defense of Tebow during a recent interview with Jim Rome.

“I think Tim Tebow stands for a lot of great things,” Brees said according to Kingofhowto.com. “I think he stands for leadership and inspiration and, you know, tireless work ethic and faith and belief. And those are all things that, as a young athlete, you would like to instill.

“You look at the way he’s helped his team win; I mean it’s definitely been a team effort, but certainly he’s come through in the clutch many times this year. That’s exciting to watch.”

As far as commending Tebow for his faith and belief, Brees seems to be a part of the minority.  There are some players who believe Tebow’s success has been the work of god and think Timmy is blessed, but for the most part we see people like Jake Plummer who want Tebow to keep it to himself and tone down the religious talk.  Everyone in 2011 has an opinion on Tim Tebow.  File Drew Brees’ under the “positive” category.

Drew Brees Takes His Talents to Sesame Street (Video)

Saints quarterback Drew Brees taped a segment for Sesame Street before the season, and it will air on PBS Thursday. LBS being the special bros with all the inside hookups (read: we saw the video on YouTube), got a sneak peek at the video. There isn’t much to say, except at least it’s better than Amare Stoudemire’s appearance on the children’s show.

Here it is:

Tim Tebow and Drew Brees Will Appear on The Biggest Loser

You know you’re a special person when you’re making TV show appearances as a third-string quarterback. Such is the case for Tim Tebow, who along with Drew Brees and Eric Dickerson reportedly will appear on The Biggest Loser October 4th, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Some of the athletes will be seen competing against the contestants in a throwing contest, while others help the pound shedders with their “Last Chance Workout” before that week’s weigh-in. “It’s not just some great athlete coming out and saying ‘Hey, look at me!’” says BL exec producer Todd Lubin. “We actually get to their stories — and these NFL guys have unbelievable stories.”

Yup, Tebow will share his story of how hard work got him buried on the depth chart in Denver. Brees will talk about returning from shoulder surgery to eventually win Super Bowl MVP. You may be wondering why The Biggest Loser would be interested in having these players on the show and the answer is simple: they’re hoping the macho NFLers will help bring in a male audience. You know when Tebow’s involved, an entire fan base will be interested. Smart idea.

Drew Brees Covering Most of Saints’ Workout Costs During Lockout

A football team is only as good as its leader. Sometimes that leader comes in the form of a head coach, while other times it’s a player. In New Orleans, the Saints turn to their quarterback.  Sean Payton is a tremendous coach, but there is no questioning the fact that Drew Brees is the most important leader for the Saints.  Otherwise, they would have more trouble putting together organized team workouts with a  30-plus player turnout during the lockout.

Not only has Brees done everything necessary to make sure his team is practicing together during the labor dispute, he’s even covered most of the cost.  According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, via Pro Football Talk, the man who allegedly played through two serious injuries a season ago has reached into his own pockets to make sure his team can continue workouts.

The Saints signal caller has paid for Tulane staff to help out during practices and flown in his personal trainer to oversee the team’s conditioning program.  He also arranged for the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine to provide insurance for those who need it, and he provided lodging for some of the younger players on the team.

Brees is going to make a lot more money than his teammates, but that doesn’t mean he has to do this stuff.  I can’t think of a better way to show your commitment to the team than by tapping into your own bank account to keep workouts on schedule.  Think about it, we’ve seen some players resort to working out in parking lots during the lockout, so there is little doubt New Orleans is going above and beyond. If the Saints win the Super Bowl in 2011, this will be what everyone turns to as a main reason why.  Every NFL team should have a Drew Brees.

Drew Brees Feels Badly for Fans

The NFLPA has decided to decertify and sue the NFL for violation of anti-trust laws. LBS is firmly on the side of the players in this negotiation, feeling that the pot should be split 50-50 and that the players deserve lifetime health care for their injuries. It’s pretty simple: the players surrender their health every time they take the field and they should have many more rights than they do now. The owners owe the players much more decency than they currently provide them, and it’s sad to see their greediness result in the lockout that has been prevented by decertification.

It’s also sad that fans have to endure the labor battle between the two sides. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees recognizes this and expressed that sentiment on his twitter account Friday.

In various tweets, the former Super Bowl MVP wrote “To our fans – I give you my word that we as players are doing everything we can to negotiate with the NFL towards a fair deal … The NFL brought this fight to us – they want $1 billion back, we just want financial information to back up that request … I am very sorry that you as fans have to endure this. Football is more than just a game for all of us. We will keep fighting…always …Not once have the players asked for more money during this negotiation. That is a FACT. I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for us”

Well guess what Drew, you’re right in not expecting people to feel sorry for the players, but you have someone here who sees beyond the owners and does feel badly for the players. And with compassionate sentiments such as this one, you make it much easier for us to root for the players to have success in gaining more rights and equality in their fight with the owners.

Drew Brees Reportedly Playing with Torn Meniscus and Knee Fracture (NO Denies)

We’ve been wondering where the Saints offense has been for most of the season. Drew Brees hasn’t been the same machine he was last year and New Orleans’ offense is putting up the Arena numbers we’re used to seeing from them. In some senses Brees was so good last year it would have been hard for him to replicate the performance, but he hasn’t even been coming close. Part of the problem is that running backs Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush have both been hurt most of the year, taking away some of the Saints’ key weapons. Another issue that seems to make a lot more sense is that the knee injury Drew Brees sustained earlier in the season is much worse than the team let on.

I kind of believed that was the case to begin with because teams constantly hide their players’ injuries. It happened with Tom Brady last year and it’s likely the same thing is going on with Brees. After getting hurt against the Falcons, he began wearing a brace on his knee. Brees hasn’t had the same accuracy since then, throwing nine interceptions to give him 11 for the season. Now, Pro Football Talk has passed along a report from WIST radio in New Orleans that Brees has been playing with a torn meniscus and fracture in his knee. That seems to make a lot of sense and I think most people would believe that Brees is playing with a busted knee. It’s just another example of how beat up these players are and the types of injuries they play through each week. Oh yeah, and Doc Brown is still taking the Saints this week in his picks.

UPDATE: Just as I was about to hit publish, Saints reporter Jeff Duncan said Sean Payton completely denied the report. He denied it for the same reason nobody reported it or talked about it before — they don’t want it being public.