Jurickson Profar aggravated shoulder injury rolling out of bed

Jurickson-Profar-RangersJurickson Profar has not appeared in a game yet this season for the Texas Rangers, and from the sound of it the 21-year-old shortstop will not be returning any time soon. Profar was ruled out for 10-12 weeks after tearing a muscle in his shoulder back in March. On Thursday, Rangers GM Jon Daniels said he could miss another 8-12 weeks after aggravating the injury.

Profar recently began playing in extended spring training games, but Daniels said he is not believed to have tweaked his shoulder on the baseball diamond. Instead, it was more of a “baseball” injury — if you know what we mean.

The bad news about Profar came on the same day it was announced that Prince Fielder could miss the remainder of the season after having a neck procedure, so Rangers fans are likely feeling a bit anxious.

Don’t feel bad, Jurickson. You’re not the only professional athlete to fall victim to the mattress.

Jurickson Profar doesn’t like water, is afraid of sharks

Jurickson-Profar-RangersTexas Rangers shortstop Jurickson Profar is one of the most promising young players in baseball. He may be fearless when it comes to diving for a ground ball or standing in against a 100-mph fastball, but that doesn’t mean the 20-year-old has no fears at all.

During an interview with BaDD Radio on KTCK-AM earlier this week, Profar spoke about some of the things he liked to as a kid growing up in Curacao. While a lot of kids in Curacao like to play sports and go for a swim, Profar said he strayed away from the latter.

“Oh, I don’t like water,” he explained, via The Dallas Morning News. “Water is for sharks and stuff … I always watch Discovery Channel and stuff and I see those sharks and I get scared.”

I feel you, bro. Shark Week is no joke. There’s a list of about five countries I would never swim in thanks to programs I’ve seen on the Discovery Channel, so he’s not alone. And never mind sharks, what about jellyfish? Jellyfish are a scary mother, man.

One of the other highlights from Profar’s interview came when he was asked what types of television programs he watches in the US.

“ESPN,” he replied. “Let me see … Mr. Bean.”

If for some reason I ever win a contest that allows me to pick an MLB player to spend a day with, my choice has officially switched from Will Middlebrooks to Jurickson Profar.

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Jurickson Profar says he tricked Kyle Farnsworth, delivered tie-breaking hit

Rangers rookie Jurickson Profar delivered what turned out to be a game-winning double against the Rays on Saturday night, but he claims he acted like a savvy veteran in the process. In the top of the 10th, Tampa Bay reliever Kyle Farnsworth threw a pitch way inside on the 19-year-old in a moment that could have been interpreted as Farnsworth welcoming him to the big leagues. Profar says he acted accordingly.

The rookie fell to the ground to get out of the way of the pitch and then took a long walk outside the batter’s box. He says he was trying to make it seem like he was shaken up.

“I was acting like I was scared so he could throw the same pitch,” Profar told ESPN Dallas 103.3’s Eric Nadel and Matt Hicks when asked about the at-bat. “He did, and I got a good swing on it.”

Farnsworth did indeed come inside with the next pitch, and Profar turned on it and ripped ripped it down the line. The hit scored Geovany Soto from second. If that truly was Profar’s intention and his plan worked to perfection, kudos to him for contributing to the win both physically and psychologically.

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