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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Kenny Smith

LeBron James appreciated Kenny Smith ripping his sleeves

Kenny Smith decided to pull a LeBron James on “Inside the NBA” Thursday, and the King himself appreciated it. During Wednesday’s Cavaliers-Knicks game, LeBron got frustrated with the sleeved jerseys the league made the teams wear, and he went Incredible Hulk in ripping off the sleeves. Smith decided to do his version of the sleeve…Read More

Kenny Smith writes open letter to Charles Barkley about Ferguson

Earlier this week, Charles Barkley made headlines when he referred to the rioters in Ferguson, Mo. as “scumbags” and told CNN there is a reason the police racially profile African-Americans the way that they do. Barkley’s opinion upset one of his colleagues. On Wednesday, fellow TNT analyst Kenny Smith wrote an open letter to Barkley….Read More

Kenny Smith does great impression of Charles Barkley’s golf swing

Kenny Smith has taken more than his share of ribbing from the TNT “Inside the NBA” crew this season, so he decided to get some revenge. Following the Chicago Bulls-Miami Heat game on Thursday, “Inside the NBA” played a video clip of The Jet doing the Charles Barkley golf swing. His impression of Chuck’s hideous…Read More

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