Keyshawn Johnson sent out iPads as wedding invitations

iPad-NFL-concussionsIf you were lucky enough to be included on the guest list for Keyshawn Johnson’s upcoming wedding with fiancee Jennifer Conrad, you are probably playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush right now. Anyone who was invited to the wedding owns an iPad. How do we know this? Because Keyshawn and Jennifer used them as invitations.

TMZ reports that Johnson and Conrad sent an iPad 4s to each of their guests that contains all the information about the wedding. As soon as the iPad was powered on, an app opened with info about key events, a photo gallery, guestbook and countdown to wedding day. The wedding registry was also included, but I think the guests received the best gift.

What’s the protocol for someone who gets an iPad invitation in the mail but is unable to attend the wedding? Keep the iPad and buy the couple something off their registry? Send it back? My experience with this stuff is limited.

Keyshawn Johnson reportedly arrested for domestic violence

Keyshawn-JohnsonKeyshawn Johnson was reportedly arrested on Monday morning for domestic violence. According to a TMZ report, Johnson was involved in a fight with his ex-girlfriend in his hometown of Calabasas, Calif. when things allegedly got physical.

Sources reportedly told TMZ that Johnson smashed his ex’s phone and caused her to gash her hand. Johnson, who has apparently had a rocky relationship with the woman and was said to be arguing with her over marriage, was booked on charges of misdemeanor domestic battery. He was reportedly released after posting $20,000 bail.

While we need to wait for more details to pass judgment, people will undoubtedly point out the irony in Johnson getting arrested after he has been so vocal about Justin Bieber causing trouble in his neighborhood. The ESPN analyst and former NFL wide receiver once chased after Bieber and confronted him when the pop star was allegedly speeding through their gated community. Johnson has also supposedly reached out to Bieber and tried to offer him advice.

We’ll share more details as they become available.

Keyshawn Johnson on Justin Bieber arrest: ‘They finally caught him!’

Keyshawn-JohnsonKeyshawn Johnson and Justin Bieber live in the same upscale gated community in Calabasas, Cali. Last year, Johnson reportedly chased after Bieber and followed him to his home after he was furious that the pop star had been driving like a maniac. Another former NFL star later agreed that Bieber drives too fast and needs to slow down.

On Thursday morning, Bieber was arrested for driving while under the influence. Guess what got him pulled over? Driving recklessly, of course. When Johnson caught wind of the news, he ripped Bieber on Twitter and said he hopes he learns from the arrest.

NFL single-season rushing record holder Eric Dickerson, the other NFL player who is annoyed by Bieber’s driving antics, also seemed pleased.

Given the fact that Bieber allegedly swore at police several times and resisted arrest by leaving his hands in his pockets, we’re guessing he’s not going to learn much. In fact, Keyshawn supposedly reached out to him before and attempted to offer some advice and Bieber wanted no part of it.

Bieber’s a reckless young punk. That’s why we know 19-year-old women’s tennis star Genie Bouchard could do much better.

Keyshawn Johnson reportedly confronted Justin Bieber over his fast driving


Justin Bieber is quickly gaining a reputation as someone who has a lead foot, and former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson has had enough of it. Over the Memorial Day weekend, TMZ reported that Bieber was under investigation after police received two phone calls from different people who live in the upscale Calabasas gated community in Los Angeles who said the pop star was driving like a maniac.

One of the callers was reportedly Johnson, who was furious after he saw Bieber go blazing by in his Ferrari while he was in his own car with his child. On Tuesday morning, TMZ cited sources who say Johnson actually chased Bieber to his home. The former Jets receiver allegedly confronted the Biebs at his house, which led to some fantastic details that we pray are accurate.

We’re told Keyshawn was furious — feeling Justin could’ve killed someone — so he brought his kid home, then chased after the singer in his Prius (yes, a Prius chasing a Ferrari).

When KJ got to Bieber’s pad — he blocked Justin’s Ferrari in the driveway and got out of his car to confront Justin face-to-face … but Justin ran inside of his house and refused to come out.

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Come on Justin, you’re better than that. Johnson may tower over Bieber, but this is the same Biebs that is supposed to be close with people like this boxing superstar. If you’re gonna drive like an idiot, you might as well face the music. There was no need to worry — Keyshawn barks louder than he bites.

Former Bucs respond to Bill Callahan allegations: We killed them fair and square

bill callahan raidersWe already know how many of 2002 Oakland Raiders feel about Tim Brown claiming that Bill Callahan sabotaged the team in Super Bowl XXXVII. Aside from Jerry Rice, it appears that Brown’s opinion is not shared by many members of the team. And it certainly isn’t shared by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who feel they earned the victory.

“You’re telling me (Callahan) threw it, Super Bowl, everything on the line?” Warren Sapp told Martin Fennelly of The Tampa Tribune over the phone. “That’s like being at 25,000 on Mount Everest, and you only got 4,000 feet left, crisp, clear, top of the mountain in sight, and you just go, ‘Nah, I think I’ll just lay here a while.'”

Former Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks said “some things don’t deserve a response,” but added that he texted Keyshawn Johnson and some of his other former teammates when he heard about Brown’s comments.

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Keyshawn Johnson: Lamar Odom should tell Mavericks ‘f*** you’ (Video)

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Lamar Odom has not been able to find a comfort zone since being traded to the Mavericks. He has made no qualms about the fact that he is still upset with the Lakers over the way everything went down, and that has clearly affected his play in Dallas. As a result, the Mavericks announced that they were demoting him to the D-League last week. They then lost to the Hornets Friday night — which was their fourth straight loss — and decided to promote Odom back to the NBA roster for Saturday’s game against the Jazz. The Mavs beat the Jazz and Odom played fairly well, scoring nine points and grabbing five rebounds.

As you can see from the video above from TMZ.com, Keyshawn Johnson does not agree with the way the Mavericks have treated Odom. He disapproves of the D-League demotion so much that he even dropped an f-bomb in front of his young daughter and wife, saying that Odom should ask Dallas for his release because he can still ball but might just be “homesick.” You stay classy, Keyshawn.

Keyshawn Johnson: Cowboys Players Say Rob Ryan’s Defense Is too Complicated

The Cowboys gave up 37 points to the Giants Sunday night, including two touchdowns in the final six minutes. Instead of blaming Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, or Dallas’ typical December collapses, NFL analyst Keyshawn Johnson says the defense is the big problem. Specifically, he says Rob Ryan’s complicated playbook is a concern for the team.

“We can all point to the obvious and say ‘Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, the timeouts, all that sort of stuff,” Keyshawn said on Monday Night Countdown. “Take a look at the defense though. Take a look at Rob Ryan. I talk to some people in Dallas that play on the defense. They say ‘we got too much stuff, Key. We don’t know our assignments. We’ve blown coverages that people haven’t found out.’

“Sometimes coaches put too much stuff in because they’re geniuses, because they’re too great. You gotta know what you got and know who’s who, and they don’t do that.”

It never crossed my mind that Rob Ryan’s playbook was too complicated, but Keyshawn is saying that’s what players are telling him, so you have to believe that’s true.

I have felt that Rob’s defenses have performed questionably. Against the Eagles and Giants, his defenses were burned for touchdowns on all-out blitzes on numerous occasions. Whether the playbook is too complicated or he’s taking too many chances, the point is clear that Rob’s defenses have struggled at times throughout the season.