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Monday, August 3, 2015

Articles tagged: Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner to Alex Guerrero: ‘You’re not that f—ing good’

Madison Bumgarner cursed at Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Alex Guerrero on Tuesday night, and it seemed pretty uncalled for. During the seventh inning of the San Francisco Giants’ 2-1 win over the Dodgers, Guerrero was upset with himself for popping up a pitch that he apparently felt was very hittable. He expressed his frustration…Read More

Madison Bumgarner takes shot at Max Scherzer over DH comments

For a pitcher, Madison Bumgarner is actually a pretty good hitter. The 2014 World Series MVP hit .258 last year with four home runs (two grand slams) and 15 RBI. You can understand why he doesn’t want someone like Max Scherzer convincing Major League Baseball to take the bat out of his hands. After St….Read More

Madison Bumgarner looking like Paul Bunyan

Madison Bumgarner is as country as it gets, and we mean that in a good way. This dude can rock tight jeans, a flannel, suspenders and ax with the best of ’em. Does anyone look more perfect alongside an ox all Paul Bunyan-style than this guy? It’s a great fit. Photo via @SFGiants

Russell Wilson and Madison Bumgarner were once roommates

What do Russell Wilson and Madison Bumgarner have in common aside from championships in their respective sports? The two were roommates back in the day. In the wake of Bumgarner’s dominant Game 7 relief performance on Wednesday, which cemented his place as the greatest World Series pitcher in history, Wilson shared an interesting story with…Read More

Madison Bumgarner’s dad sent son awesome text message during Game 7

Madison Bumgarner may be a multimillionaire who plays professional baseball in a big city, but behind the greatest World Series pitcher of all time is a small-town background and a hilarious old man. Kevin Bumgarner, Madison’s dad, still lives in the part of North Carolina where Madison grew up — an area that is littered…Read More

Madison Bumgarner guzzles six beers this time (Video)

Madison Bumgarner was up to his familiar tricks after helping pitch the Giants to the NL pennant and winning NLCS MVP in the process. After the Giants won Game 5 6-3 on a 3-run walk-off home run by Travis Ishikawa, Bumgarner celebrated by guzzling six beers at the same time. He has now upped his…Read More

Madison Bumgarner celebrates with five beers this time (Video)

Why celebrate with four beers when you can drink five at the same time? That’s the mentality of Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who quintuple-fisted drinks in the Giants’ clubhouse after San Francisco beat the Washington Nationals 3-2 in Game 4 to clinch their NLDS. Ironically, Bumgarner’s start in Game 3 was the only game of…Read More

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