Even Ex-LSU Players Are Asking Nick Saban for Tickets to Bama-LSU Game

On Saturday in Tuscaloosa, No. 1 LSU will face No. 2 Alabama in one of the most anticipated regular season game in years. It’s the first time an SEC game featured the top two ranked teams in the country. Media credentials are coming in by the hundreds, and ticket prices are surging into the thousands. That means ticket requests are also getting out of hand.

The assistant for Bama coach Nick Saban says she’s received five times as many ticket requests from friends and family than usual. The demand for the game is so high that even some of Saban’s former LSU players are hitting him up for tickets.

“I tell them, ‘I can’t put you in the Alabama section if you’re going to be cheering for LSU,'” Saban’s assistant Linda Leoni said. “They say, ‘No, we’re fans of Coach Saban.'”

These ex-players are so desperate for tickets they’re even willing to ask the enemy for help. I can’t imagine it’s a comfortable experience, but it’s better than doling out thousands for tickets.

Nick Saban’s Car Got Ticketed by Attendant Hoping for Alabama Tickets

Nick Saban may be a god in Alabama, and he may have his own statue, but even he’s not immune to receiving parking tickets.

Saban was in downtown Birmingham Monday to speak to a Monday Morning Quarterback Club in the Harbert Center. Media members left the club after hearing Saban speak, saw a parking meter attendant beginning to ticket the coach’s car.

After saying she was just doing her job, the woman joked that it might help her score tickets to a Bama game. Here is a video of the car being ticketed courtesy of al.com.

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Nick Saban Drops S-Bomb During Tennessee Press Conference (Video)

Alabama coach Nick Saban held a press conference Monday that gave reporters an opportunity to ask questions about the team’s upcoming game with Tennessee. Some of the questions were indirectly related to the Tennessee game, and Saban didn’t like that. Apparently he only wanted to talk Xs and Os about Tennessee, and nothing else.

One reporter asked Saban if trying to win one of its player a Heisman Trophy helps bond the team. He didn’t like that question. Another reporter asked Saban about conference expansion and how that might affect the team’s rivalry with Tennessee. He didn’t like that question either.

Jump ahead to the 2:35 mark in this video to hear Saban drop an s-bomb on reporters:

“You all create so many problems,” he said. “I hate to start on this, but, whether guys are going out for the draft, whether we’re worrying about the Heisman Trophy, now we’re worrying about playing Missouri rather than Tennessee sometime down the road. I could give a s*** about all that. Excuse my French. Come on, let’s talk about the game.”

Saban apologized at the end of his press conferences for getting carried away. Of course, this is nothing new for Saban. Remember this video?

Nick Saban Called a ‘Whore’ by Ex-Agent Josh Luchs (Audio)

You may remember the name Josh Luchs. He’s the former agent who revealed to SI last year that he paid college football players for years. Luchs has a book he’s promoting and he made an appearance on WHB radio in Kansas City Thursday. During the interview, Luchs talked about Nick Saban’s “pimp” comment about agents. Luchs slammed Saban, saying “What he’s done now is he’s showed us who the whore is.”

Here’s the audio clip:

As many people pointed out when Saban made his remarks, it was a tad bit ironic. Here is a coach who makes millions of dollars per year off players who don’t get paid. That may not be what a pimp does, but it’s not as if Nick Saban is innocent in the situation. Heck, his own players have had strong ties to a men’s clothing store. But getting back to it, while “whore” is a strong word, the irony of Saban calling agents “pimps” is even more piercing.

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Nick Saban: Third-Party People Shopping Kids Is Big Problem

Alabama football coach Nick Saban was part of an impressive panel assembled by ESPN that discussed issues facing college athletes/athletics. One of the subjects they tackled was “outside influences,” which has become a serious problem in college sports.

Over the past year, the name Kenny Rogers became public because he supposedly was representing Cam Newton in negotiations. Similarly, Willie Lyles has gotten schools in trouble for selling them expensive recruiting packages. That’s appeared to be compensation for delivering commitments from high school players. Saban would like to cut these third-party “representatives” (read: street agents) out of the picture.

“If the third party has influence over the player, then you won’t have an opportunity to recruit the player,” Saban said on the forum. “A lot of extra benefits get circumvented toward that third-party person. In most cases where there’s some extra benefit case, it’s the third-party person who is trying to shop the kid. It’s a really bad thing. I would rather not deal with those kinds of folks.”

While that is a nice ideal, it is so much easier said than done. The big problem is that many high school athletes don’t have parents equipped to help them. They end up looking to outsiders for advice. Either that, or the “street agents” get inside the head of parents and promise them a cut of the money they’ll receive from schools. It’s unrealistic, but it would be nice if high schoolers kept their circles tight and made their own decisions — ones for which nobody is compensated.

Nick Saban Does Not Approve of Fan Eric Blackerby’s ‘I Hate Auburn’ Shirt

Alabama football fan Eric Blackerby created a buzz at SEC Media Day this week when he showed up wearing this “I Hate Auburn” shirt:

Blackerby describes himself as Bama fan whose “love of and loyalty to the University of Alabama football team is unparalleled and completely inappropriate. I hate all other teams, and wish them peril.” He wrote on his site Saban’s Sidewalk that he bought the shirt before the tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa and that he knew it would be a big hit. However, he didn’t realize how much attention it would receive.

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Nick Saban, Mark Ingram Shocked James Carpenter was Drafted in First Round

Alabama offensive tackle James Carpenter was picked by the Seattle Seahawks 25th overall in the first-round of the draft Thursday evening. The pick was stunning to most people because Carpenter was projected as a mid-second round pick by several analysts. Hearing Carpenter’s name get called was even shocking for Bama coach Nick Saban, who was sitting at running back Mark Ingram’s table. Check out their priceless reaction to the pick:

Nick Saban said to himself “James Carpenter went in the first round?” while Ingram said “Did they call James? I’m happy for him.” Either Saban was listening to too much Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock talk and was caught off guard, or he didn’t think his former player was a first-round talent. Something tells me it’s a combination of the two factors, and that can’t be a good sign for Seattle.

As for the Seahawks, GM John Schneider explained the pick saying “Quite frankly, our top-rated guy came to us and he stayed there the whole time.”

Carpenter himself admitted the pick shocked him. Was it a good pick or a reach? Only time will tell, but if this is who Seattle had at the top of their board, they made the right move.

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