Serena Williams still appears to be sick with bug

Serena Williams blanket

Serena Williams has really been milking this whole illness from Wimbledon.

Serena withdrew from her second-round doubles match on Tuesday because she was overall not well. She said she was sick with a “bug,” but few bought that explanation. She was completely messed up and uncoordinated during the match.

A day later, she posted a photo on Instagram showing that she was still in complete recovery mode.

Then on July 4, Serena posted another photo on Instagram. Once again, she was wrapped in her magenta blanket.

Alright, Serena, we get that you’re still sick. But what’s the illness? Are you just going to throw out the blanket for sympathy, or are you going to let people know what’s bothering you? And what about those rumors that you are pregnant?

Serena Williams pregnant rumor circulates after bizarre Wimbledon exit

Serena WilliamsRumors that Serena Williams is pregnant have begun to circulate ever since the tennis star retired from her doubles match on Tuesday.

Williams retired from her second-round doubles match with her sister Venus after falling behind 3-0 in the first set. She appeared wobbly when she walked out onto the court, was barely able to serve or control the ball, and she didn’t appear to have any coordination. About the only way to describe it is to say she looked like she was totally wasted.

[Watch Serena's bizarre behavior at Wimbledon]

Williams later ascribed her performance/problems to a “bug,” but few were buying that explanation. Now a very tantalizing explanation has hit a German tabloid.

German paper Bild says the rumor around London is that Serena is pregnant by her coach and boyfriend, Patrick Mouratoglou. Don’t expect Serena to confirm such a thing; she denied she was dating Mouratoglu for a long while before it was finally confirmed. The two were rumored to be dating going back two years ago.

As for the pregnancy rumor, well, it seems more like a theory and gossip item rather than a report based on journalistic investigation. Bild shares very little supporting information about the rumor aside from saying it was the talk around London. However, in its story on Serena’s exit, the Daily Mail in London says nothing about the pregnancy rumor, but does mention Mouratoglu heavily, as if to imply something may be up with them.

While we don’t put a ton of stock into this rumor (yet), it certainly is worth keeping in mind as an explanation. And we might actually find out in the coming months whether it’s actually true.

Although it seems like she has been playing forever, Serena Williams is still 32 years old and one of the top tennis players in the world. She’s had boyfriends throughout her career, but never any children. She’s also had a shaky year and not made it past the fourth round of any the majors, though she was bothered by a back injury at the Australian Open.

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Serena Williams withdraws from Wimbledon after becoming ‘dizzy, disoriented’

An incredibly bizarre scene unfolded at Wimbledon on Tuesday morning when Serena Williams and Venus Williams were forced to withdraw from their doubles match after Serena became dizzy and disoriented. It’s unclear what exactly was wrong with Serena, but her behavior was extremely alarming.

Prior to the match, Williams could barely focus enough to volley a ball over the net. She had trouble doing simple things like tossing a ball up to serve it.

As Business Insider’s Cork Gaines noted, ESPN commentator Chris Evert described Williams as looking “wobbly” when she first came on the court. She also noticed that Williams was not wearing eye makeup like she normally does and went as far as to wonder if Serena was on some sort of drug. Fellow commentator Pam Shriver made similar comments.

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Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki and Greg Oden celebrate Heat win

Serena Williams Caroline Wozniacki Greg Oden

If this isn’t about the oddest trio to take a photo together at a Miami Heat game, then I don’t know what is.

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki both attended Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Heat and Pacers in Miami on Friday night and celebrated the series-clinching win by taking a photo with Greg Oden after the game.

Serena and Woz both were knocked out of the French Open early and have plenty of time on their hands to enjoy themselves, and they’re doing just that. Serena is a minority owner of the Heat, while Wozniacki has been a fan of the club for the last few years and even attended games with ex-fiance Rory McIlroy.

I have to say, what Serena is doing to lift the spirits of her heartbroken friend is pretty cool. Not only did she send a positive tweet to Caro last week, but the two hung out before the French Open and obviously are now hanging out together since they’ve lost. Nothing like going to a big-time Heat game and hanging with Serena to help you get over an ex.

Serena Williams defeated by Garbine Muguruza in huge French Open upset

Serena WilliamsThe defending champion has already been eliminated from the French Open, as world No. 1 Serena Williams fell victim to a shocking upset on Wednesday morning. The younger Williams sister was defeated by Garbine Muguruza, the 35th-ranked player in the world, in the second round.

The 20-year-old Muguruza needed just 64 minutes to defeat Williams in straight sets. Williams won just four games, making the loss the worst of Serena’s career at a major tournament.

Venus Williams was also eliminated in the second round on Wednesday after a loss to 19-year-old Slovak Anna Schmiedlova.

Serena Williams supports Caroline Wozniacki amid breakup

Caroline Wozniacki tweeted on Thursday for the first time since news of her breakup with Rory McIlroy was announced. The two professional athletes were together for over two years and recently sent out wedding invitations, which resulted in McIlroy developing cold feet.

Wozniacki tweeted to address the split and made reference to Liverpool’s anthem, “You’ll never walk alone.”

She received this tweet of support from Serena Williams in return:

Pretty sweet gesture from Williams, who is supposed to be one of Woz’s rivals on tour.

Caro also updated her Twitter bio to remove “fiancee” from her list of descriptions, though she still is a mother to her and Rory’s dog, Bruno.

Caroline Wozniacki Twitter bio

I really feel badly for both of them. Breakups are already bad enough, and it’s even worse when you were planning a wedding and split. They both probably feel humiliated and embarrassed over the matter. We definitely feel for them.

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Serena Williams on bikini pictures: I love my large boobs


Kate Upton raised more than a few eyebrows over the weekend when she told The Sun that life would be so much easier if she had smaller boobs. Women’s tennis star Serena Williams, who is also quite curvy, has no problem with her measurements.

Williams posed for a bikini shoot in Fitness Magazine recently, and she spoke openly about her body.

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