Detroit Pistons unveil ‘Motor City’ jerseys


The Detroit Pistons are looking to bounce back this season after four straight years without a playoff berth and five straight without a playoff win. Detroit has more talent in its projecting started five than it has had in recent years, and the team will be looking to rally around a city that has been struggling.

In an attempt to turn the page over to a new era, the Pistons have unveiled new “Motor City” alternate jerseys that they will wear during Sunday home games. Here is a video of forward Greg Monroe modeling the new threads.

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Louisville unveils new uniforms that look like Houston Astros throwbacks


The Louisville Cardinals were one of a few college baseball teams to debut new Adidas uniforms over the weekend, and they caught the attention of a lot of people. As you can see from the concept photo above that Uni Watch passed along, the new threads were supposed to include fantastic red pants.

The Cardinals should have looked like a combination between the 1980 Houston Astros and Rickie Fowler. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually wear the red pants during a game.

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Indiana football gets crazy new helmets, players go nuts (Video)

Indiana football is the latest program to join the new uniform and helmet craze, and judging by the players’ reactions, the new helmets are a big hit.

Indiana new helmets

Indiana, which is an adidas school, unveiled five new football helmets they may wear during the season. According to IU athletics, head coach Kevin Wilson showed the new helmets to the team Sunday evening in the Henke Hall of Champions with the help of fifth-year senior safety Greg Heban and senior wide receiver Kofi Hughes. Wilson says the helmets will always include the traditional crimson color and IU logo.

Below is a closer look at each new helmet:

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New Jaguars helmets look pretty sick in the sun (Picture)


The Jacksonville Jaguars released all new uniforms for the 2013 season on Wednesday. Naturally, there was plenty of mixed reaction to the new threads. People are afraid of change, so criticism is always a given when a team releases a new look. Having said that, I personally think the new helmets look awesome.

As one Reddit user pointed out, they look even better in the sun. For the most part, it has been college football teams that roll out sick new helmets like these on a year-to-year basis. If the Jags’ new helmets are a glimpse into the future of NFL uniforms, I think we’re heading in the right direction.

UConn unveils creepy new football helmets, uniforms for all sports (Pictures)


The University of Connecticut has been working to overhaul the branding of its athletic uniforms and logos, which started with a new logo of a husky unveiled last week. Slowly but surely, the rest of the pieces are coming together.

On Thursday, UConn football beat writer John Silver posted a bunch of pictures of the school’s new uniforms. As you can see from the photo above, there aren’t many drastic changes. However, the football helmets have people buzzing.

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MLB reportedly upset with Carl Crawford for blue and white Jackie Robinson cleats


Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford put his own personal spin on Jackie Robinson Day during a game against the San Diego Padres on Monday. As you can see from the photo above, he wore mismatched Jackie Robinson commemorative cleats.

Crawford wanted to show off both the blue and white Jordan PEs that he, Jimmy Rollins and CC Sabathia received with the No. 42 on the back to acknowledge the 66th anniversary of Robinson breaking down baseball’s color barrier. After seeing that Rollins had changed cleats before one of his at-bats on Monday, Crawford decided he would have a little fun with his new kicks. This did not please Major League Baseball.

According to ESPNLosAngeles.com, Crawford’s agent received a call from the league office telling him not to wear either the blue or the white special edition Nike Jordan PEs in a game again.

“I was like, ‘OK, he had a little fun with it, so let me have fun with it,'” Crawford explained. “The league doesn’t want us to have any fun, I guess.”

That’s exactly right. The league doesn’t want players to have any fun with their uniforms, just as the NFL didn’t want Lance Briggs paying tribute with this patriotic gear or Earl Bennett rocking his lucky orange cleats. Like it or not, that’s the way it goes in the world of professional sports. Crawford probably knew there was a risk going in and just didn’t care.

Ray Lewis, Ravens wearing custom Super Bowl cleats (Pictures)


Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens will be wearing custom cleats when they take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. As you can see from the photo above, some players will be wearing flashy-looking gold cleats. Others will be wearing ones that are mostly purple.

Lewis, of course, will be wearing more than just fancy colors. Near the toe of his footwear is a screen print that reads “Psalms 91,” which is a bible reference that Lewis called attention to with his undershirt after the Ravens first-round playoff win over the Indianapolis Colts.

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