Urban Meyer rallies Ohio State fans: ‘Let’s beat the s— out of Michigan!’ (Video)

Urban Meyer is a religious man, but that doesn’t mean he’s above dropping some profanity into a speech every now and again in order to fire up a crowd.

The Ohio State coach was speaking at the Earle Bruce Beat Michigan Tailgate party on Friday, the day before the Buckeyes’ big rivalry game against the Wolverines. He spoke about preparing his team for the game, and how he wanted to send the seniors off with a big win. And then he capped it all off with a priceless closing line: “Let’s beat the s— out of Michigan! Have a good night.”

As soon as he dropped the line, the Ohio State band began playing, and the fans applauded loudly and began cheering.

Meyer certainly knows how to work a crowd. And boy, from actions like this to what he did earlier in the year, it’s pretty obvious that he despises Michigan.

You can hear full audio of his speech, including an uncensored version of his closing line here.

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Urban Meyer sends video of alleged Michigan State eye gouging to Big Ten

Two days after being accused of doctoring game film sent to their opponent, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer responded by sending the Big Ten a complaint video of his own.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Meyer said at his Monday press conference that he sent video to the conference of a Michigan State player allegedly gouging one of his players in the eye.

Buckeyes defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins is at the bottom of a pile and appears to have his eyes poked by either Travis Jackson or Jack Allen of Michigan State.

Here’s video of the incident in question:

Deadspin has a much higher quality video if you care to take another look.

Meyer is no stranger to eye gouging incidents. In 2009, one of his linebackers at Florida, Brandon Spikes, was caught on video poking Georgia’s Washaun Ealey.

“I don’t condone that,” Meyer said at the time. “I understand what goes on on the football [field], but there’s no place for that. We’re going to suspend Brandon for the first half of the Vanderbilt game. I spoke with him. That’s not who he is. That’s not who we are. He got caught up in emotion.”

Maybe Mark Dantonio should follow Meyer’s lead and suspend his player for a half. It’s also worth noting that this is the second time in a two years that a Michigan State player was caught eye gouging.

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Urban Meyer: Braxton Miller is more talented than Tim Tebow

Urban Meyer has high hopes for freshman quarterback Braxton Miller. The Buckeyes signal-caller has looked great through the early part of the season and gotten it done with both his legs and arm. Miller has led Ohio State to wins in its first three games and has 988 total yards and 12 total touchdowns. Is he the most talented quarterback Meyer has ever coached?

Of course not. This is the same Meyer who rode Tim Tebow to two BCS National Championships at Florida. He wouldn’t dare give Miller the edge over Tebow in any category, right?

“Very similar guys,” Meyer said Thursday when comparing Tebow and Miller, according to Fear the Hat. “They’re both competitive human beings. They’re both very talented people. Braxton has more talent. Tim is probably more of a grinder.”

Ya’ll don’t say that. Even if it’s true, ya’ll still don’t say that. As Chris Huston of CBSSports.com mentioned, Tebow had 1,027 total yards and 13 touchdowns through his first three games in 2007 — the year he won the Heisman Trophy. Miller’s numbers are quite similar, so it will be interesting to see how the remainder of the season turns out.

In reality, Meyer is just trying to give his quarterback confidence and is in no way trying to insult his favorite player of all time. Tebow has some freak athleticism, but it’s possible Miller could be a little more talented. Does that make them equals? Hardly, and Meyer is well aware of that. That doesn’t mean his comments won’t irritate Tebowmaniacs like this one.

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Urban Meyer once offered LeBron James a football scholarship to Notre Dame

LeBron James‘ high school football exploits are pretty well known. The NBA MVP was an all-state wide receiver as a sophomore at St. Vincent – St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, and has publicly flirted with the idea of playing pro football many times. Now we’re learning that he had a football scholarship offer from one of the most prominent coaches and schools in the country.

Current Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer recently told The Palm Beach Post’s Ethan J. Skolnick that he is a Miami Heat admirer. In fact, he says that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra reached out to him for advice last offseason. The two exchanged tips on how to deal with star athletes, and Meyer seemed to feel the meeting was mutually beneficial. He also shared the nugget about offering LeBron.

“I offered him a scholarship when he was a sophomore in high school at St. Vincent St. Mary’s,” Meyer told Skolnick. “I was at Notre Dame. He was a receiver, and I was a receivers coach.”

Meyer described LeBron as a “great” receiver, and we saw James display some of his skills during a flag football game against Kevin Durant last year. Given his size and athleticism, LeBron probably could have had an excellent career playing football — though he probably would have picked Ohio State over Notre Dame.

Would he have surpassed the expectations that Saints tight end Jimmy Graham had for him? It’s tough to say, but James probably would have done quite well.

Urban Meyer has laughably switched opinions and now opposes a playoff

A four-team playoff to determine the national champion is likely coming to college football in the 2014 season, and Urban Meyer is not happy about the development.

“I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but I think the ideal setup is what we’ve had the last decade of football,” the Ohio State coach said on Wednesday, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I can understand why [the change] is happening, but I was not one of the screamers or yellers saying it was broke before.”

What’s funny is that Meyer was one of the yellers calling for a playoff system. Remember when he went nuts at the thought of a Michigan-Ohio State rematch national championship game in 2006?

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Urban Meyer will have Ohio State’s spring game loser perform community service

With spring games approaching this coming weekend across college football, many coaches have come up with ideas to make the intra-squad scrimmage about more than just bragging rights. Some coaches allow the winners to eat a gourmet meal and force the losers to eat scraps. In his first season as the head coach at Ohio State, Urban Meyer has decided to put community service on the line.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Meyer plans to have the losing team complete a community service cleanup project, either at Buckeye Grove or some other location. Buckeye Grove is an area where trees are planted to represent Ohio State’s all Americans.

Depending on how lazy and opposed to improving the community Meyer’s new players are, this may give them a little extra incentive to perform well on Saturday. If impressing the coaching staff doesn’t provide the players with enough motivation in a spring game, being able to relax while their teammates work may push them over the top.

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Percy Harvin reportedly grabbed receivers coach by the neck while at Florida

With Urban Meyer having moved on from Florida to become the head coach of Ohio State, it appeared that he has left the Gators without a proven leader and with a team that is heading in the wrong direction. There are some who believe the program is imploding because Meyer left. Others, however, insist the hard times Florida is falling on now are a result of the way Meyer did things while he was in Gainesville.

A Sporting News article that was published on Monday cites a number of former players who say Meyer favored certain superstar players and even protected them from failed drug tests. Former Florida safety Bryan Thomas described the program as having been “out of control.” Other former players referred to Meyer’s “Circle of Trust,” which included the elite players whom he pampered.

Percy Harvin was reportedly at the forefront of Meyer’s inner circle. Several sources told the Sporting News that the former Gators offensive weapon once grabbed receivers coach Billy Gonzales by the neck and threw him to the ground. He reportedly had to be pulled off of Gonzales by two assistant coaches but was never disciplined. Gonzales described the alleged incident as “overblown” while Meyer had the following to say.

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