Carl Pavano reportedly ruptured his spleen while shoveling snow

Carl-Pavano-TwinsApparently it doesn’t even have to be baseball season for MLB players to keep piling up the bizarre injuries. Free agent starting pitcher Carl Pavano is the latest victim, and his injury is fairly serious. According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the 37-year-old right-hander recently suffered an injury while shoveling snow outside of his home in Vermont.

Pavano reportedly slipped and fell while he was shoveling off his driveway, causing him to rupture his spleen. He is expected to be sidelined for six to eight weeks.

Take it from one who knows — shoveling snow ain’t no cakewalk. When I was growing up and my dad started to push 40, my mother was always on my case to make sure I was helping him clear the snow and that he wasn’t trying to do too much. This is why.

On Tuesday, we learned that Francisco Liriano fractured his arm when he slipped and fell in his bathroom. Haven’t these MLB pitchers ever heard of slippery surfaces? In any event, Pavano will likely have to look to hire some kid for $10 an hour to clear the snow in front of his house for the remainder of the winter. Here’s hoping he has a speedy recovery and can still find work with some MLB team.

Francisco Liriano reportedly fractured his arm in a bathroom fall

Francisco-Liriano-White-SoxThe Pittsburgh Pirates signed pitcher Francisco Liriano to a two-year, $12.75 million deal this offseason. Liriano was once one of the most promising young pitchers in the game, but his inability to stay healthy has led to an overall disappointing career thus far. To make matters worse, not all of the injuries he has suffered are baseball related.

Liriano suffered an undisclosed right arm injury in late December, which recently resulted in the Pirates reworking some of the language in his contract. According to the Dominican newspaper El Caribe (via Tom Singer of MLB.com), Liriano fractured his non-throwing arm after taking a tumble in his bathroom.

The injury was reportedly to the humerus bone in Liriano’s upper right arm. Accoding to El Caribe, a “source close to the player” said that Liriano’s right arm is currently in a cast. However, he is expected to be ready for the start of the regular season since the injury was not to his throwing arm. I guess if you’re going to have a bathroom fall, it’s best to brace yourself with the arm that doesn’t make you millions of dollars.

As this Mets player will tell you, injuries that happen around the home are not unheard of.

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UNC Greensboro G Trevis Simpson hurt his foot walking through hotel lobby

Trevis-Simpson-UNC-GreensboroUNC Greensboro never stood a chance against North Carolina State in their 89-68 loss on Monday night, especially with Trevis Simpson on the bench. Simpson, who ranks in the top 15 in scoring in the NCAA with 20.3 points per game, was sidelined with an ankle injury. Unlike most basketball injuries which usually occur on the court, Simpson hurt his ankle walking through a hotel lobby.

According to The Dagger, Simpson was in a hazy state after waking up from a pregame nap on Monday afternoon as he was heading through a Raleigh hotel lobby on the way to a team dinner. An automatic door startled him when it swing open, causing the shooting guard to stop short.

“I just stopped suddenly because I thought I was going to be in the path of somebody else, and I was going to let them through,” Simpson said. “Once I realized nobody was there, I tried to keep walking, I heard a pop in my ankle and it started burning and aching. It was then that I realized something wasn’t right.”

An MRI revealed no significant ligament damage but showed that Simpson had overstretched several tendons in his ankle. He had to miss the game against NC State and is a game-time decision against Davidson on Saturday night.

“(My teammates) know I’m the type of guy who will try to play through anything,” Simpson explained. “For something like that to happen and we’re playing NC State, who’s nationally ranked, they realize it must have been something serious.”

Strange things happen. Believe it or not, Simpson’s ankle injury wasn’t the weirdest one we saw this week. The ankle injury Stephen Jackson suffered earlier in the week was even more bizarre.

Stephen Jackson sprains ankle falling on waitress serving Mayor Bloomberg (Video)

stephen-jacksonStephen Jackson had to leave Thursday’s Spurs-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden after spraining his ankle falling on a waitress who was serving Mayor Bloomberg. We’re not even joking.

The injury occurred late in the first quarter of the game after Jackson attempted a 3-point shot from the corner. As Jackson was backing up while tracking his shot, he stumbled over a waitress who was crouched down to serve Bloomberg.

Adding insult to literal injury, Jackson missed the shot. He was 0-for-2 in his three minutes of action before leaving the game with a sprained right ankle.

Surprisingly, this sort of thing happens during NBA games more than you would think.

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Fab Melo suffers a concussion after bumping his head on a doorway

Fab-Melo-MaineBeing tall ain’t easy. Boston Celtics rookie center Fab Melo stands 7-feet tall. While his height makes playing basketball easier than it would be for someone like me, it can also turn everyday activities into a challenge. Take walking through a standard doorway, for example.

According to Jessica Camerato of CSNNE.com, Melo suffered a concussion last week after he bumped his head on his Sioux Falls hotel room doorway. The rookie was staying in Sioux Falls with the Maine Red Claws, the Celtics’ D-League affiliate, for back-to-back games against the Skyforce. He did not play in the team’s game on Monday and the Celtics recalled him on Wednesday so that team doctors could further evaluate him.

“I still have a little headache,” Melo said. “Sometimes I can’t really focus on something for a long time, that’s it.”

It would appear that the former Syracuse star is a bit of a klutz. Over the summer, Melo fell through a folding chair during an NBA rookie photo shoot. Boston head coach Doc Rivers compared Melo to Manny Ramirez on account of his awkwardness.

“I think, what did you have? Manny being Manny?” Rivers said. “Five years when Fab’s playing terrific for us here, we’re going to have some Fab being Fab moments. He just took kind of a head start. … Literally.”

Does that mean he’s going to lead the Celtics to multiple championships before being busted for using PEDs multiple times? Nah, I think Doc just meant the team had better start getting used to padding hotel doorways.

Novak Djokovic nearly injured after fans seeking autographs fall (Video)

Novak-Djokovic-autograph-injuryNovak Djokovic and a group of fans had a bit of a scare on Monday after a railing that was separating the autograph seekers from the world’s No. 1 tennis player collapsed. As you can see from the video above, several fans — including some children — went tumbling onto Djokovic and appeared to hurt some part of his lower body. He limped into the locker room after his victory over Andreas Seppi and later told reporters he was fine.

“It was a bit of a shock and I’m glad that the children involved are OK,” Djokovic said according to The Telegraph. “I am fine.”

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Djokovic later paired with Ana Ivanovic and won his doubles match, so it seems safe to say that the minor injury didn’t have a lasting effect. The incident itself, however, may have. Djokovic may have never thought he had to be on his toes while signing autographs, but I’m sure people failing through railings will be in the back of his mind every time he does so in the future.

Bizarre injury? Sure, but we’ve seen weirder. Just ask Andy Murray and his strained buttocks.

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Padres P Andrew Cashner could miss start of season after hunting accident

The number of casualties across Major League Baseball that resulted from hunting grew on Wednesday, as the San Diego Padres announced that pitcher Andrew Cashner is likely to miss the start of the season after cutting his hand during a hunting trip. According to Padres general manager Josh Byrnes, Cashner was accidentally stabbed in the hand while he and a friend were cleaning a carcass.

Cashner needed only two stitches to close the wound, but unfortunately he suffered a severed tendon which required surgery.

“It’s a three-month recovery,” Byrnes told U-T San Diego. “The doctors don’t expect any long-term consequences. He’ll be behind. To say he’ll be ready by Opening Day is unrealistic.”

The right-hander was expected to have a legitimate shot at making the Padres starting rotation with pitchers Cory Luebke and Joe Wieland recovering from Tommy John surgery. However, Byrnes did add that Cashner was “not plan A” to join the starting rotation.

Ironically, Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum was shot in the ear by a friend while hunting earlier this week. He avoided any type of serious injury, but it is still strange to see two separate hunting accidents involving an MLB player and coach in the same week.

While slicing a tendon during a hunting trip certainly qualifies as a bizarre injury, it’s more shocking when we see athletes hurt themselves while sleeping or bowling. When guns and knives are involved, there’s always an increased risk of something bad happening.

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