Ana Ivanovic Is Definitely Hotter Than Maria Sharapova

As someone who actually watches tennis (please reserve your laughs for another time), I’ve been onto Ana Ivanovic for quite some time. Translation, she’s been the wallpaper of my computer for the past eight months. Back on Valentine’s Day, I proclaimed that Ana Ivanovic was probably hotter than Maria Sharapova. Now, combining Ivanovic’s win over Sharapova in the French Open semis, with Maria’s disgusting on-court demeanor (she behaves like a five-year-old brat), I’m here to say that Ivanovic is definitely more attractive than Sharapova, no question. (more pics after the jump)

According to Ana’s bio, she’s 19, turning 20 in November. She’s from Belgrade, Serbia, but speaks some good English. Ana’s officially listed at 6’1″ 159 (makes for some good genes). She sometimes plays backgammon and sudoku in the locker room to prep for matches (it soothes the mind). She’s also won three tournaments (Kournikova who?).

It’s also nice to see Ana getting her due from some heavyweights like SPORTSbyBROOKS, With Leather and AOL FanHouse. She deserves it. Especially if she keeps up her winning. No matter to me; I’ll still love her either way.

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  • http://s2nblog.wordpress.com Signal to Noise

    There is also the Sharapova syndrome of winning — win a couple majors and then start falling flat.

    Hopefully Ana will be consistent, although Henin owns the French Open as of late.

  • the driver

    i say butterface

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yeah, I really don’t think Ivanovic stands a chance, but I’m pleased she made the finals.

    KTD – butterface? No way. She’s like brooke shields blue lagoon style, or return to the blue lagoon

  • Kramer

    I thought the Serbs were the monsters of the world. Isn’t that why Clinton was murdering them back in 1999. Apparently, he almost killed Ana Ivanovic when a bomb went off close to Ana’s home in Belgrade during a NATO terror attack in 1999.


    “Probably” hotter than Sharapova? She IS hotter! WAAAYYY. And much better attitude on court, as you pointed out.

  • SpinMax

    Hit it

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  • http://www.theman.com The Man

    Ana Ivanovic has more beauty in her big toe then Maria Sharapova could ever dream oh having. Maria`s hair is thin and stringy, and her face is average. You can`t even call her a butter face because her body is not attractive at all. Ana is #1.

  • James

    I say they are both hot.

  • TennisMaster

    OK firstly the both of them are the most attractive young women to ever hit the tennis courts, when it comes to balls they know how to hitt it!!

    Lets be honest! Maria Sharapova’s HOT, she set a new standard in 2001 tennis, sexy girls can play & win! *cough, not like some people… kournikova* just like Venus and Serena set a new standard to women power plays!

    The comparison:

    -Now Ana Ivanovic is sexy…Maria Sharapova is sexy and set the new standard.

    -Ana has more curves and a nice skin tone, & Maria has the model body.

    -Ana’s tamed on the court, and yes Maria grunts….

    ehhh stuff it! i wana see girl on girl action just like the rest of you guys!!!!!
    Woot new balls! don’t have a racket? use mine “ZIPPPPPP”

  • http://635558 bernadina

    hello ana albanija hello dhe beste sharpova ende ju ver gute dhe best nobeer1 ENDE YUO LOVE FOR VER BAJE DJ.KIQO$BERNA TUNGE NGA SHQIPERIJA

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