Andy Roddick Gets Penalty Point for Smacking Ball into the Stands (Video)

Andy Roddick had some serious problems during his first-round match at the Western and Southern Open Monday night.  During his second set against Phillip Kohlschreiber, Roddick went John McEnroe and broke his racquet in frustration.  His frustration built even more when he double faulted in the deciding set, and his actions resulted in a penalty point that cost him the game.  Check out the video of Andy Roddick smashing a ball into the stands, courtesy of Busted Racquet:

Listening to Andy plead his case is definitely the best part of the video. Umpire Carlos Bernardes made the call he had to make and Roddick knew it, but he had to say something. Even the “whoaaa” from the crowd is enough to know he shouldn’t have done it.  That’s not the first time we’ve seen him blow up on an official, so it isn’t really surprising.  However, I bet when you get to go home to this at the end of the day you can quickly forget any frustrations you might have encountered during your petty tennis match.

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  • Gene

    Great video.  It was the correct call by the chair umpire.  The look on Roddick’s face near the end of the video indicates that he was not merely lobbing a souvenir to the crowd.

    However, I am not sure whether the crowd is yelling “whoaa” or “noaa”, as in no penalty point.  After all, it is a USA player who was penalized.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, good point about the crowd reaction.  I only looked at it as a “whoaa” because it seemed to come instantaneously when he hit the ball. Would the judge have made the call that quickly and would everyone have noticed that quickly to yell “noo”?  I’m not sure.  I don’t watch tennis enough. What does the tennis dude think?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He didn’t exactly go McEnroe, but I understand why the point was taken away. That’s not the sort of behavior that gets you on the Hot Clicks podcast. He knows better than that.

  • Gene

    I think the crowd was pro-Roddick and did not want to see him lose his serve, period,  but especially by penalty point.   Once again, I emphasize that the chair umpire did the right thing.