Redfoo supports girlfriend Victoria Azarenka despite not being at US Open

victoria azarenka redfoo

Redfoo and Victoria Azarenka have been separated by continents for a portion of the summer, but that hasn’t kept the musician from supporting his tennis playing girlfriend, and vice-versa.

Redfoo has been in Australia serving as a judge on “The X Factor.” He hinted during an episode in late July that he and Azarenka were having relationship problems, but the two appear to have overcome some of the issues.

Just after that episode aired, it was Vika’s birthday, and Redfoo celebrated with his girlfriend:

Victoria Azarenka Redfoo birthday

He also attended the Southern California Open to watch her compete in Carlsbad.

Redfoo hasn’t attended her matches since then, but he has been sending Azarenka supportive tweets during her tennis tournaments. He sent these tweets when Azarenka was competing in the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati:

He continued to tweet support for Vika as she began the US Open, which ended with a runner-up finish:

Redfoo then sent tweets for Vika prior to her semifinal and finals matches at the US Open:

He was pulling hard for her during the finals against Serena Williams:

The Twitter support over the past six weeks hasn’t been one-sided. Azarenka responded to Redfoo with a heart:

She also wished him good luck before an X Factor show:

Azarenka also sent her boyfriend a surprise for his 38th birthday on Sept. 3:

We learned that Redfoo and Victoria Azarenka were boyfriend-girlfriend last year after the musician showed up as a guest at her box for the US Open. This time around, he wasn’t able to be in attendance, but he still showed plenty of support for his lady. She competed hard and came back after being down 4-1 in the second set before losing in three. It was a strong showing from Vika, who is still looking for her first US Open title.

Photo: Instagram/Redfoo

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  • Jeffery Jones

    When I wanted to not like”VIKA” I found it difficult.There’s something so Real about the female.Maybe it’s her boyfriend’s choice of music.She isn’t repelled by the rawness of some rap lyrics.There’s an attitude that say’s “bring it”.I think Serena gets that.A fair challenge.Its almost like she’s got “STREET CREDS”you know.Feel me.I guess I just like her even if she’s Serena’s toughest opponent.She cool