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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Serena Williams Top Spin 4 Ad Was Genius Marketing (Video)

There’s a video of Serena Williams in a Top Spin 4 ad that’s been making its way around the internet the past few days. Top Spin 4 has not associated itself with the video and the official trailer for the game is significantly different and cleaner. So what’s the story behind it?

As Sports by Brooks points out, the website joystik.com says the ad was clearly produced by 2K Sports even if they decided not to use it in official marketing of the product. It’s a racy commercial featuring Serena and another woman in lingerie and lots of sexual-sounding grunts. Best part of all, it raises awareness for the game. Here it is:

It’s easy to see why the commercial wasn’t used in official marketing, but it was sly to throw it out there anyhow. Think about how much more coverage the game received as a result. It reminds me a lot of the viral nudity campaign run by a shoe company last year.

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