Video: Pete Sampras Congrats Roger Federer in Nike Commercial

From showing up at Wimbledon to watch Roger Federer in person, to calling him the greatest ever after Roger tied him by winning the French Open, Pete Sampras has been quite gracious in losing his standing as the player who won the most grand slam events. In fact, Nike rolled out the red carpet in their commercial congratulating Roger Federer for winning his record 15th grand slam:

Yes, that’s John McEnroe, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and the rest of your friends at Nike congratulating Fed on the record. That’s a pretty sweet cast to assemble but I guess it’s easy when they’re all pulling in paychecks from the swoosh. Oh yeah, and what does Tiger have to say now that Roger’s passed him up?

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  • Gene

    It would have been worth having Andy Roddick pull out the Wimbledon final so that Nike would have had to keep the commercial in the can until some future time unspecified.

    Roddick used to be a Nike player until he went with Lacoste. That would have added to the intrigue. Oh well.