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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Scott Hall: Drugs and Alcohol Are Fun

The story of Scott Hall’s decline was chronicled in a recent edition of E:60. Hall was once one of the most recognizable figures in pro wrestling, working under the name Razor Ramon. Although his days as a prominent pro wrestler ended long ago, he has remained in the news because of his declining health and mental condition.

Seeing Hall tell his story on E:60 was truly sad. He explained that he came from a long line of red neck alcoholics. It was understood that Hall would fall, but his father only asked that when he fell, he fell forward. Hall talked about wanting to be a pro wrestler and how he realized he had the body and physical stature for the job. Then, he began taking steroids so that he’d attract women.

Hall’s biggest problem was his inability to separate his in-ring persona from his life away from the ring; he was consumed by his Razor Ramon image. Hall began abusing cocaine, alcohol, and prescription medications. He ended up divorced and hardly a factor in his children’s lives, all because he preferred the wrestling lifestyle to being with his family.

Hall talked about having seizures and heart problems. He now takes 11 different daily medications. He’s been to rehab 10 times, most of which was financed by the WWE. The once proud man says he doesn’t drive anymore because he knows he’ll drive drunk.

Now, he’s reconnected with his 20-year-old son, Cody, whom he had only seen three times in the previous three years. Scott is teaching Cody how to be a pro wrestler while his mother — Scott’s ex-wife — worries that he will become consumed with the potentially detrimental lifestyle.

Hall, who says he “thrives on misery,” miraculously is still living despite abusing his body for years.

“There’s got to be some reason that I’m here,” he reasons. “I should have been dead. I should have been dead 100 times.”

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