LeBron James leaves fan hanging (Video)

These videos are the absolute best. Someone needs to tell fans who sit in the front row at NBA games that being so close to the court doesn’t entitle you to a handshake from the world’s top player. Just look at this guy all ready to give LeBron the “wassup homie” handshake/hug only to be ignored. How dare he think he was going to receive daps from King James. The only thing better may have been when Sugar Ray Mark McGrath was denied by Chris Paul in March.

Video via @cjzero

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  • Steve Reed

    Maybe someone should remind King  James and you Mr. Larry Brown that those fans paying to sit in those seats actually pay the way for both your jobs.  I am not so sure I would make fun of those that make it possible to do what you both do.  How dare you …

  • Golfbot

    James is racist. The guy is a major uneducated rich a-hole.