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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pete Rose told Rob Manfred he still bets on baseball

If there is a more tone deaf former athlete than Pete Rose, you’d have to let me know who it is.

MLB on Monday announced that Rose’s appeal to be reinstated by the league was denied. Rose, 74, was appealing a ban that was issued against him in 1989 for betting on baseball games while managing the Cincinnati Reds, including games of his own team. He continued to deny for years that he bet on baseball, but he finally admitted in his book 15 years later that he did wager on games, compromising the integrity of the sport.

If Rose really wanted to be reinstated by baseball, you’d figure he would take every step possible to ensure he would have good standing at his meeting. But when he met with new commissioner Rob Manfred, Rose admitted to continually betting on sports including baseball.

Rose just cannot seem to get out of his own way and executes incredibly poor judgment every step of the way. It’s almost like he intentionally sabotages his chances of getting reinstated. Remember last year when it was reported he failed to follow Bud Selig’s plan for reinstatement? The guy says he want to be reinstated, but he fails to deliver, making one wonder how badly he wants it.

Yes, the Hit King was a great player — one of the best ever — and his accomplishments are worthy of recognition in the Hall of Fame, but he is a horrible representative of the game of baseball in terms of personal character, and the ban is well deserved.

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