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Monday, January 21, 2019

Allen Iverson is tired of Kobe Bryant being left out of the all-time greatest debate

Allen Iverson

Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson had a number of entertaining duels during their playing careers, but the mutual respect between the two is very real. For evidence of that, look no further than the recent remarks Iverson made about the never-ending “greatest of all time” discussion.

In an interview with UNGUARDED, Iverson seemed downright irritated that the GOAT discussion always revolves around Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The former Philadelphia 76ers star doesn’t understand why Kobe is always overlooked.

“What bothers me is, when they do talk about it — LeBron is great, first of all. When they talk about comparing him to (Jordan), I don’t understand how they don’t add a debate when it comes to Kobe,” Iverson said. “I don’t get it. What, they forgot or something? I really think they forgot the Mamba, man … certified serial killer, man.”

If you want to go by championships, Jordan has six, Bryant has five and James three. LeBron could certainly win another title or two before he retires, but is it fair that Kobe’s rings are viewed as less impressive because he played with Shaquille O’Neal? He did win two without Shaq, after all.

Kobe and Shaq infamously did not get along during their time with the Lakers, which is why the comments Shaq has made about Kobe vs. LeBron should hold even more weight. Iverson and Shaq obviously share the same thoughts on the subject.

H/T Philly Voice

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