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Kendrick Perkins extends olive branch to Kevin Durant after Kobe Bryant’s death

Kendrick Perkins

The death of Kobe Bryant has served as a reminder to many to live life to the fullest and not waste time. That certainly appeared to be the message Kendrick Perkins took away from the death of Kobe on Sunday.

Perkins, who played in the NBA from 2003-2018, tweeted that he was “speechless” upon learning the news of Bryant’s death.

In his next tweet, Perkins sought to make up with his former teammate, Kevin Durant. Perkins extended an olive branch to Durant and asked for forgiveness.

Perkins then shared how he was drawing inspiration from Kobe to live a better life.

Just two weeks ago, Perkins and Durant engaged in a heated Twitter beef in which Perkins said Durant took the coward’s way out by joining the Golden State Warriors. Perkins got a lot of retweets, likes, and headlines for his statements, but he likely damaged his relationship with Durant, with whom he was teammates on the Thunder from 2011-2015.

We don’t know whether Durant responded, but that is a nice first step from Perkins, and a valuable takeaway for many of us to heed: life is precious, and we should strive to repair broken relationships.

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Enes Kanter has harsh response to Kendrick Perkins’ advice for Celtics

Enes Kanter

Kendrick Perkins believes the Boston Celtics are a quality center away from being a legitimate championship contender, and it should come as no surprise that Enes Kanter (dis)respectfully disagrees.

Perkins tweeted on Thursday that the Celtics need a big man who can anchor their defense and suggested they try to trade for Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams. Kanter, who is averaging 18.5 minutes per game at center for Boston this season, took the advice personally.

The Celtics have gotten decent play at center this season from Kanter and Daniel Theis, with Theis being the better overall post defender. Kanter is a solid rebounder, but defense has never been his strong suit. He averages just 0.5 blocks per game for his career and is averaging 0.9 this season, which is not a great mark for a 6-foot-10, 250-pound player.

Perkins has a point, even if Kanter didn’t take it well. The Celtics will have a tough time matching up with a team like the Philadelphia 76ers in a seven-game series if all they have in the low post is Kanter and Theis. Kanter has had some nice games this season and was even drug tested earlier this month after a great performance, but he’s not going to slow down Joel Embiid. Adams may not be the answer, either, but Boston could certainly use a more physical big.

Steven Adams has hilarious reaction to Durant-Perkins Twitter beef

Steven Adams

Steven Adams is not about to get caught up in the back-and-forth between two of his former teammates.

Speaking with reporters on Friday, the Oklahoma City Thunder center had a funny reaction to the Twitter feud between Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins, saying that they were probably just bored.

“Ah you know how it is, mate,” said Adams, per Erik Horne of The Athletic. “They’re both a bit bored, aye? They’re not doing much so they’re probably just bored, mate. But it’s entertaining for you guys I bet, yeah?! You guys getting a little kick out of it?

“I wouldn’t say [it’s] interesting,” Adams went on. “It’s just some bickering. What’s interesting is the political stuff. American politics. That’s interesting. Not just two players bickering. C’mon.”

Adams arrived in Oklahoma City as a rookie in 2013 with both Durant and Perkins already on the team. Perkins was then traded away in 2015 and Durant left to sign with the Golden State Warriors in 2016, which was a central topic of their social media beef this week.

The 35-year-old Perkins is now retired and working as an analyst, while the former MVP Durant is still out with his Achilles injury. Thus, Adams has a point, even if he has aired out some beef with an ex-Thunder teammate too.

Kendrick Perkins addresses intense Twitter beef with Kevin Durant

Kendrick Perkins

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins got into a Twitter beef on Thursday night that turned quite personal, and Perkins seems surprised that his former teammate cares about the things he said enough to engage him in a social media feud.

The back and forth began when Perkins teased his appearance on “SportsCenter” and said he was going to talk about why Russell Westbrook — not Durant — is the best player in Oklahoma City Thunder history. A member of the media then called Perk out for the take, and Durant eventually chimed in by pointing out the small role Perkins played in the postseason with OKC.

During an appearance on Sports’ “Scal and Pals” show Friday morning, Perkins clarified that he was saying Westbrook is “Mr. Thunder” rather than a better player than Durant, as Durant bailed on OKC to sign with the Golden State Warriors. He also wondered why KD still feels the need to defend the move.

“That was my whole point – why do you even care? First of all, you left that organization for dead,” Perkins said. “You thought when you left that organization that it would go to nothing. And Russell Westbrook kept that organization afloat … he never missed the playoffs … he always kept them in the middle of the hunt … he did what he was supposed to do … he won the MVP … he did all types of things.

“So, like I said, my whole argument wasn’t to shoot a slug at KD, my whole argument was to rightfully praise Russell Westbrook for what he deserves.”

Not surprisingly, the comment that seemed to bother Durant the most on Thursday was when Perkins called him signing with the Warriors the “weakest move in NBA history.” Perkins stood behind that take on Friday.

“I don’t have a filter,” he said. “So what I do, is I strike back. Boy, stop playing with me. You did the weakest move in NBA history, up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals and then you go join them the following season.”

That is the type of remark that still gets under Durant’s skin, even after he won two NBA titles with Golden State. You can read the rest of his exchange with Perkins here.

No matter how many people criticize him for it, Durant simply cannot resist firing back at those who question the way he left the Thunder. He cares deeply about the public’s perception of him, and that is not going to change.

Kendrick Perkins rips ‘coward’ Kevin Durant in crazy Twitter beef

Kevin Durant

Kendrick Perkins took aim at his former teammate Kevin Durant during a Twitter beef that got personal on Thursday night.

Matters began when Perkins tweeted early Thursday that he was going on “SportsCenter” to share his opinion on why Russell Westbrook is “Mr. Thunder” and the best player to ever play for the Thunder.

Perk’s declaration was clearly a shot at Durant, because KD is widely recognized as a superior player to Westbrook but left the Thunder. Celtics media personality Marc D’Amico called out Perkins for the take, and the two traded responses.

Well guess what? It didn’t take long for Durant to chime in. Durant took a shot at Perkins, pointing out the former Thunder center’s poor stats.

Perkins then broke out the bazooka, calling out Durant for making the “weakest move in NBA history” for leaving the Thunder to join the Warriors.

Durant told someone else he responded to Perkins because the former Thunder center has been jabbing him for a while, so he decided to finally hit back.

Durant may regret things, because Perkins delivered the knockout blow, hitting Durant deep by saying the former MVP “took the coward way out” by joining the Warriors.

That sort of barb gets under Durant’s skin and hits him right in his biggest insecurity. Perkins knew exactly where to get his former teammate and didn’t hold back.

Perkins may show total favoritism, but one thing he does not do is hide his true feelings.

Kendrick Perkins suggests Kyrie Irving planned shoulder injury to avoid Celtics game?

Kyrie Irving

A tweet sent by Kendrick Perkins on Friday night received plenty of attention in the form of likes and retweets, and it contained quite a claim.

Perkins suggested that Kyrie Irving planned his shoulder injury so that the guard would avoid the Brooklyn Nets’ game in Boston on Wednesday.

Irving has not played since a loss to the Denver Nuggets on November 14 due to a shoulder impingement. Irving actually suffered the injury in the team’s previous game against Utah on November 12 but played hurt against Denver. He has not played since then and has missed four games.

On Friday, the Nets announced that Irving would miss the team’s 3-game road trip, which includes games against the Knicks, Cavs and Celtics.

Irving had a tumultuous final season in Boston and likely would have received a harsh reception. Before the season, he said he was going to re-sign with the team. But then the team’s season went terribly, and he became a target for blame due to leadership issues. Irving ended up leaving the Celtics to sign with the Nets in free agency.

We love a good conspiracy as much as anyone, but suggesting Irving planned a shoulder injury that far in advance that would cost him seven games and potentially a shot at a contractual bonus for games played is quite the stretch. We’d say that Perkins was joking, but the former Celtic has so many biases and has ripped Irving in the past, so it’s very possible he was completely serious.

Kendrick Perkins continues throwing shade at Warriors, Steph Curry

Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins was critical of the Golden State Warriors even when they were dominating the entire NBA en route to multiple championships, so it’s hardly a surprise that the former NBA big man is wasting no time dumping on them now that they are rebuilding.

As the Warriors were getting blown out for a second straight game against the Oklahoma City on Sunday, Perkins said he views this season as an opportunity to see what Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr are really made of. In Perk’s mind, not having Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant is not an excuse to fall into the toilet.

Perkins thinks Curry — a two-time NBA MVP — is overrated. He crushed him during the NBA Finals last season and said he comes up small in big situations but always gets a pass from the media. If Curry can’t carry the Warriors to at least a decent season, Perkins will likely feel his point has been proven.

Of course, Perkins is biased. His Cleveland Cavaliers teams lost to the Warriors twice in the NBA Finals, and he has a history of bad blood with Curry and some of his teammates. A lot of people are going to enjoy watching Golden State struggle this year, and Perkins is certainly among them.

Kendrick Perkins warns Zion Williamson to avoid New Orleans food

Zion Williamson

One of the concerns surrounding Zion Williamson now that his NBA career has begun is his weight, and Kendrick Perkins thinks the former Duke star will have to work extra hard to avoid culinary temptations in New Orleans.

Perkins, who spent a season with the Pelicans, said there are going to be people in New Orleans offering Williamson good eats everywhere he goes. The retired big man said the Pelicans better lock Zion away if they want to keep him in shape.

Williamson is listed at 285 pounds, which is heavy for a player who is about 6-foot-6. Most of that has to do with his incredible strength, but he suffered a knee injury in his first Summer League game and also got hurt during the NCAA Tournament back in March, though that injury was more of a fluke. The Summer League injury was the result of knee-to-knee contact, so it’s hard to argue that either had to do with Williamson’s size.

Like any other star player, Williamson will have to keep an eye on his weight and conditioning. While his strength is an asset, he can’t let one too many bowls of gumbo turn his impressive stature into a liability.

Kendrick Perkins believes this was ‘last straw’ for Kevin Durant with Warriors

There were rumblings of Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors well before last season began, but Kendrick Perkins believes the team had a solid chance to re-sign him right up until the incident between Durant and Draymond Green.

Perkins, who played with Durant in Oklahoma City, spoke about the relationship between Durant and Green during an appearance on ESPN’s “The Jump” this week. Things came to a boil when Durant called out Green for not passing the ball near the end of an eventual overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers back in November.

“I think, in my opinion, KD never bounced back from the Draymond situation. … The Warriors tried to clean it up by suspending Draymond,” Perkins said. “They suspended Draymond and then about two months later, the owner comes back out and says he wants Draymond there for life.”

Perkins said he has gotten into heated arguments with almost all of his teammates but they “never crossed the line” the way he feels Green did. It was reported at the time that Green told Durant the Warriors don’t need him and challenged him to leave in free agency. Perkins believes that was “the last straw” for Durant.

“It’s hard to overcome that,” Perkins said. “Those were some harsh words. … I think that was the last straw.”

A number of factors are believed to have played a role in Durant’s decision, and even his relationship with Stephen Curry may have been one of them. At the very least, the feud with Green didn’t help.

Ex-teammate Kendrick Perkins: ‘No doubt’ Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving can coexist

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have each had their fair share of well-documented differences with their teammates, but one retired NBA player who shared a locker room with both does not envision any of that carrying over now that they are joining forces with the Brooklyn Nets.

Kendrick Perkins, who played with Durant in Oklahoma City and Irving in Cleveland, told Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated that it will be “great for KD and Kyrie to be in the New York area.” He also said Durant was not feeling appreciated enough with the Golden State Warriors.

“I have no doubt they will co-exist,” Perkins said of Irving and Durant. “Kyrie needs to be able to play freely and just be himself and let KD be the leader and the playmaker. I think Kyrie will fall in line. After he left Cleveland he called ‘(LeBron James) to apologize to him. He realized that he is not that dude and that he needs to play alongside a guy like KD.”

The last part will probably be the most interesting storyline to watch in Brooklyn. Perkins added that Durant has finally “got his own team,” but you have to wonder if Irving views it that way. While it’s true that he called LeBron last season to apologize for how he acted in Cleveland, that does not mean he wants to take a back seat to Durant. Irving is confident in his abilities, and he probably thinks he’s the same caliber of player as Durant.

Perkins’ assessment of the situation essentially confirms what was reported about Durant’s desire to leave Golden State, but very few people would be surprised if he experienced some growing pains with Irving — especially since Kyrie is going to play a full season with the Nets before Durant even touches the floor. That could make things more complicated than they are anticipating.