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Troy Aikman shares thoughts on Dak Prescott’s contract situation

Troy Aikman has made his opinion on Dak Prescott very clear in the past, and the Dallas Cowboys legend reiterated his stance during a radio interview on Monday.

Aikman spoke with Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan about Prescott’s contract situation, and the three-time Super Bowl champion said he loves Prescott as a player and fully expects the Cowboys to sign the 26-year-old to a long-term deal.

“I love everything about him,” Aikman said. “I’m not saying anything the Cowboys don’t already know. They will pay him, he’s going to make a lot of money, and I think he’s going to be the quarterback for the Cowboys for a long long time, and continue to have a great career.”

Aikman said he has been “surprised” by how much discussion there has been surrounding Prescott’s contract negotiations with the Cowboys, as Dak is going to be with the team in 2020 whether he plays under the franchise tag or a new deal. However, Aikman clearly believes the Cowboys should bend in the negotiations if it becomes necessary.

“I think he’s a very unselfish player,” the FOX broadcaster said. “I wouldn’t say that about everybody; he only wants to win. … Dak truly doesn’t care about his stats. He just wants to win, he’s a leader, his teammates love him. So, I would pay him. He’s going to get paid.”

This is at least the second time Aikman has publicly urged the Cowboys to pay Prescott, so he obviously thinks very highly of him. With the way things stand, it would still be surprising if Prescott and the Cowboys failed to reach a long-term agreement by the July 15 deadline. There appears to be only one major disagreement between the two sides, so they should be able to sort through that.

Troy Aikman calls Cowboys’ handling of Jason Garrett situation ‘disappointing’

Troy Aikman Jay Z

One Dallas Cowboys legend is not pleased with the whole Jason Garrett saga.

After news of Garrett’s firing broke on Sunday, FOX analyst Troy Aikman said that the way the Cowboys handled it was “disappointing.”

“He committed everything he had to the organization and to doing the best job that he could,” said Aikman, per The Athletic’s Jon Machota. “He made it a priority, he committed himself. Breakups are always hard, we all understand that at whatever level that they occur, but I don’t know that after all that he gave and committed to this organization that he received the same in return.

“When the organization was unwilling, for whatever reasons, and I don’t know the backstories to it all, but when the organization was unwilling to come out publicly and say that, ‘We are seeking a new coach,’ and yet at the same time, reports are coming out that they’re interviewing potential new candidates for the head coaching position, that’s disappointing,” Aikman continued. “I think in a lot of ways it shines a light on some of the dysfunction, if you will, within the organization and kind of how they got to the point that they’re in now.”

Indeed, the Cowboys dragged out their decision on Garrett for roughly a week, as rumors about big-name replacements swirled. That approach is in contrast to that of teams like the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants, who announced the dismissals of their coaches as soon as the season ended. However, a report said the reason for that was Garrett was lobbying to keep his job, so that would put the blame for the situation on him.

As for Aikman, he is good friends with Garrett and was even teammates with him on the Cowboys from 1993 to 1999. This is not the first time that the Pro Football Hall of Famer has ripped into his former team in recent weeks either.

Troy Aikman has harsh comments for Cowboys after latest loss

Troy Aikman Jay Z

Troy Aikman has not shown any bias towards his former team while calling their games for FOX this season. In fact, the opposite has been true; he has been hard on them, and that was especially the case after the team threw up a stinker on Thursday night.

After Dallas lost 31-24 to the Chicago Bears, Aikman wondered how the Cowboys could move forward.

“I don’t know how you come back from this,” said Aikman. “For the last two weeks we’ve heard from them that they were going to get it going. They had a chance … I don’t know how you sell that if you’re Jason Garrett or Jerry Jones or anyone. When you have a performance like that, to say, ‘hey, we’re still alive, we’ll go play this week against the Rams and it’s all in front of us.’ I don’t think the players hear that. I wouldn’t hear it if I were them. And this is on the players as much as it is on the coaches. They’ve got to be better, but I’m not sure I’d even talk to the team this week.

“The talk is over, and it has been over for a while.”

The Cowboys are 6-7, but the thing is they are still in the playoff picture because the NFC East is so weak. Dallas hosts the Rams, visits Philly, and hosts Washington over its final three games.

Owner Jerry Jones thought he knew what he was doing by ripping his coaches after the New England loss, but that move seems to have backfired as they’ve lost two in a row since then.

Troy Aikman calls out Cowboys for ‘poor coaching’ on botched kickoff return

Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman called out the Dallas Cowboys for poor coaching after a botched kickoff return in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

Prior to the kickoff, which came after a Patriots field goal, Aikman noted that the Cowboys had difficulty on the previous few kickoff returns due to the wind. The FOX analyst said he was surprised to see Tony Pollard waiting for the kick at the goal line. Aikman said he would have put Pollard at the 10-yard line to prepare for another short kick into the wind at Gillette Stadium.

And guess what happened? The kickoff was pushed back by the wind and landed near the 20-yard line. Pollard, who was playing so far deep, misplayed the ball as he ran up. Pollard was lucky to fall on the ball around the 10 and avoid a fumble.

“They’re fortunate to have the ball, number one. Number two, that’s poor coaching. That’s coaching. Nobody’s telling Tony Pollard to get up,” Aikman said.

This wasn’t any Monday morning quarterbacking by Aikman either; he pointed out the problem before it happened. He also continued to question the Cowboys’ decisions late in the game. Aikman thought the Cowboys should have gone for it on 4th-and-7 rather than kick a field goal to make it 13-9. He also said he thought Dallas would run the ball on a 3rd-and-1 on a late possession rather than pass it.

This is the second time in a few weeks that the Cowboys’ return game on special teams has been criticized. They also made a coaching error on a Tavon Austin punt return late in the Week 10 loss to the Vikings. Special teams coordinator Keith O’Quinn needs to be doing a better job, and Jason Garrett needs to as well. Naturally, this is all bad for Garrett, who has a lot of work to do to keep his job.

Troy AIkman tells Cowboys to pay Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys are still in the process of trying to work out a long-term extension with Dak Prescott, and one of the greatest players in franchise history had a message for the team after Prescott’s monster performance on Sunday.

Pay the man.

Prescott threw for a whopping 444 yards and three touchdowns in a 35-27 win over the Detroit Lions, and Dan Rogers of SB Nation pointed out that Dak is now averaging more yards per game than Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Tony Romo, or any other QB in Cowboys history ever did in a season. Aikman responded by telling Jerry Jones to “pay the man.”

The NFL has obviously changed dramatically since Aikman and Staubach played, with rules catered more toward passing offenses. It’s hard to compare stats from different eras, but Prescott is once again proving this year that he is capable of winning as an NFL starter. Guys who have accomplished a lot less than him have been paid a lot more, so it’s only a matter of time before he cashes in.

The Cowboys say they are still “working hard” on signing Prescott to an extension, though a recent report indicated the QB could be headed for the franchise tag this offseason. That doesn’t mean a long-term agreement won’t be reached before the start of next season, however.

Prescott has completed 67.7 percent of his passes this season for 3,221 yards, 21 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He supposedly turned down a massive offer from the Cowboys prior to the season, though details about guaranteed money were unclear. There’s almost no chance the Cowboys let him leave, so it is only a matter of time before an extension is in place. Aikman’s endorsement can’t hurt.

Troy Aikman rips horrific Denver Broncos’ offense

Troy Aikman Jay Z

The Denver Broncos’ offense was horrific against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night, and Troy Aikman called it like he saw it.

After the Broncos barely gained a yard on a 3rd-and-16 in the fourth quarter, Aikman laid into Denver.

“This is about as bad of an offense as I’ve seen. I’m shocked there’s as many people still here at the game!” Aikman said.

Shortly after he said that, the Broncos punted down 27-6. And guess what? Plenty of fans felt similarly to Aikman and realized there was no point to sticking around.

Denver had 190 total yards and was 1/12 on third downs to that point. The Broncos had also lost a fumble.

Denver’s defense is pretty good, but their offense is one of the worst in the league. Quarterback remains a weakness for the club and has been that way since Peyton Manning’s final season.

Troy Aikman suggests Jason Garrett needs to reach conference championship to keep his job

Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys once again entered the season with high expectations, and Troy Aikman believes head coach Jason Garrett will have to either meet or exceed them if he wants to remain with the team in 2020.

Garrett showed a great deal of frustration on the sideline during Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, which led to Aikman talking on the FOX broadcast about the pressure the coach is under this season. Aikman said there is a feeling in Cowboys circles that Garrett has to lead the team to the NFC Championship Game or better in order to keep his job.

“There’s a lot of pressure mounting for this Cowboys team,” Aikman said. “There certainly is on Jason Garrett. The expectations coming into the season — no contract, he’s in his last year. A lot of people believe he’s got to get to the NFC Championship Game for him to get a new contract.”

Sunday’s game was enough to test Garrett’s patience from the outset, as the Cowboys were driving into Green Bay territory early when Dak Prescott threw one of his three interceptions. The game instantly turned from there, and it was all Packers the rest of the way. Garrett got into it with an official at one point over whether or not he should throw a challenge flag, and he ended up drawing a penalty on a later play for spiking the red flag at the official’s feet.

Garrett has grown used to talk of him being on the hot seat during his 10 or so years as the head coach in Dallas, but Jerry Jones has never expressed anything less than full confidence in him. That said, we all know money talks. If Jones had no doubts about Garrett, he would have extended his contract instead of letting him enter a lame duck year.

The assumption that Garrett needs to reach the NFC Championship Game to keep his job may be a bit extreme, but the Cowboys certainly need to make the playoffs. If they don’t, it will be almost impossible to justify giving Garrett an extension.

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