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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Andre Ethier Flips the Bird to Fans at Dodger Stadium (Pictures) [Update]

Nice, huh? Andre Ethier, the stud who was given the LA Times fashion treatment this past summer, enjoyed some quality bonding time with fans at Dodger Stadium on Monday before a game against the Brewers.  Ethier had supposedly learned to control his temper a bit when Joe Torre was managing the Dodgers, but it looks like he was having a rough batting practice session the other day.  I’m sure he was signing autographs and kissing babies before he decided to exchange pleasantries with the fans, but The Big Lead reports Ethier was dropping f-bombs at photographers with children nearby.  His behavior was said to be unprovoked.

Major League Baseball is supposedly looking into the incident and trying to figure out why Ethier came off as a guy who wanted photographers to capture him flicking fans off.  Judging by the photos, he had no interest in being discrete.  Check out the uncensored pictures of Andre Ethier flipping the bird to fans:

UPDATE: Ethier explains what happened:

“‘My whole thing was, our group had 10 minutes for batting practice,” Ethier told reporters in the clubhouse. ”After five minutes I asked the person to please leave the area. He didn’t do it. I asked him again. He didn’t acknowledge, he didn’t do it. I’m sorry now that it happened. I didn’t use good judgment. If you’re going to stand there and take the same picture, what’s the difference from the first minute to the 15th minute? It’s kind of annoying.”

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