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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Eric Wedge Is Mismanaging the ALDS

I asked the question at FanHouse today, should Eric Wedge go with C.C. Sabathia instead of Paul Byrd tonight in Game 4 of the ALDS, considering Joe Torre is bumping up his ace, Chien-Ming Wang? I really can’t find a reason why Wedge shouldn’t bring C.C. back early. Sure, if C.C.’s gassed and ineffective, then boom, you throw in Byrd, what’s the problem?

I just couldn’t imagine the Indians losing the series after being up 2-0, seeing what Carmona did in Game 2, and then not having him pitch a second time in the series. That would be a serious error. I already called Lou Piniella out for his horrific decision to yank Zambrano after 6 innings in Game 1 of the NLDS (clearly Piniella was not playing to win the game, Herm would be ashamed).

Wedgie, listen up man, start Sabathia! If nothing else, then it will allow you to pitch Carmona in Game 5 rather than decide between him and C.C. — and we all know you’ll go with C.C. So be smart, use C.C. tonight, it’s the right thing to do — gotta live and die with your best arms.

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