Frank McCourt and new girlfriend (?) attend Dodgers-Padres opener (Pictures)

Not only did Frank McCourt walk out of the Dodgers bankruptcy sale with potentially $1 billion in profit, but he also appears to have upgraded in the significant other department as well. McCourt showed up to the Dodgers-Padres season opener in San Diego Thursday with a new gal pal. They were laughing, smiling, touching, holding hands, and doing pretty much everything new couples seem to do. And as Jill Painter of the LA Daily News points out, he was sitting in the front row as if he wanted people to know he’s moved on with some new arm candy.

Here are a few more pictures of Frank McCourt and his new girlfriend:

Don’t worry, Frank, you can have loads of money and a new girl, but that doesn’t change that you’re the worst owner in baseball history and a horrible person.

Screen caps via @CorkGaines, Sons of Steve Garvey
H/T Beto Duran

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  • Sammy Samuelson

    ” L. A. ALL THE WAY”  !!  DODGER  BLUE , TOO !

  • Gene

    For a few seconds, I thought you were jokingly referring to Magic Johnson, who was prominently in the picture, and as the face of the new ownership group, gave McCourt the best gift he has ever received in the form of a preemptive overbid.

  • Clark Kimble

    I wonder how much Frank’s Latina Lolita cost him per hour.  Not that price is an issue anymore.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KKFQH4VS6P3XNXYVIGUJ4UAUVM Marilyn K

    This chick is a real big time gold digger. Who would date the DEVIL?