Matt Kemp donating $1,000 for every home run to Oklahoma tornado relief


Those of you who have been following the disaster that took place in Moore, Oklahoma on Monday have likely seen some of the heartbreaking images of the damage that was left behind by a massive tornado. The twister pulverized roughly 40 square miles and left a hospital, two elementary schools, and hundreds of homes and business in pieces. Dozens were killed and hundreds were injured.

Matt Kemp is planning to do what he can to help.

Kemp, who grew up in Oklahoma and attended high school there, likely felt the sting from the disaster on a more personal level. We saw the Dodgers star’s generosity on full display earlier this month after a game in San Francisco, so his pledge isn’t a surprise. That doesn’t make it any less admirable.

Kemp has only two home runs this season, but history tells us he’s bound to heat up. The state of Oklahoma will need all the help it can get to get back on its feet.

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  • Joan Gunning

    Matt Kemp should keep his measly $1000 donation. He should be ashamed of himself especially since he’s from Oklahoma and his 2013 salary is 20 million!