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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Curt Schilling Loved Stephen Strasburg, Now Hates Him

ESPN has been rolling out a a video of former pitcher Curt Schilling breaking down Stephen Strasburg and his mechanics over the past few days. There is quality analysis in the video and some excellent side-by-side comparisons of Strasburg against a similar pitcher, Josh Johnson. While I appreciated the analysis, this video was the prototypical “Monday Morning Quarterback” story.

It’s much easier to criticize the phenom after he’s hurt himself and after it’s likely he’ll need Tommy John surgery. After all, this is the same over-the-top Schilling who boldly declared that Strasburg might be the best pitcher in baseball upon being called up to the Major Leagues from the Minors. Better than Sabathia, better than Carpenter, better than Wainwright, better than all of them.

Clearly Schilling’s gushing and praise had no limits in May, and now his disparaging comments and criticism will be the most piercing. Schilling may have forgotten his words because this analysis fits today’s story much better, but we haven’t. If Strasburg’s so bad and has so many flaws in his delivery, then where was all this brilliant analysis in May when you were busy declaring him the best pitcher in baseball, Curt?

Feel free to disregard everything Schilling says from now on, if you weren’t already doing so. Here’s the video of Curt Schilling breaking down Stephen Strasburg in case you missed it:

Video Credit: ESPN

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