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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Villanova Baseball Player Solicits Steroids Advice on Message Board

A person claiming to be a Villanova baseball player recently posted a series of questions on a steroid.com message board asking for advice on managing his cycle. Let’s put aside the legal and ethical issues at hand for a second. How about focusing on how dumb someone can be to post incriminating information like that on the internet for public viewing? I know we’ve seen players kicked off their teams for saying things on facebook and criticizing coaches on twitter, but those comments don’t exactly have legal ramifications.

Here’s the thing: if you’re going to solicit advice regarding illegal activities, don’t be so darn conspicuous while you’re doing it. As Deadspin pointed out, the player in question titled his thread “Villanova baseball player 1st cycle.” He then went on to say he plays college baseball, gave his measurements, and said he was looking to bulk up to get drafted. He asked for advice on how to modify his current steroids cycle. No joke.

The steroid.com poster’s username is “ultimatepr27,” (as you can see above) and the dimensions listed in the post description matches up closely with the only player on the roster whose initials are P.R. Let’s just hope Paul Rambaud (or whomever it was) really wasn’t that stupid. If he really wanted everyone to know his business why didn’t he just tweet Jose Canseco for the advice? Dummy.

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