Zack Greinke Ends the Cy Young Debate

With less than two weeks left in the regular season, most starters figure to get only two more outings in the year, if that. Baseball has also continued its trend of not having pitchers win many games considering only CC Sabathia and Adam Wainwright have a shot at 20 wins (both have 18). So coming off a win against the Red Sox last night, Zack Greinke solidified his position as the Cy Young winner in the AL.

Greinke pitched six scoreless two-hit innings to continue his stretch of five straight brilliant starts in which he has a 0.25 ERA and 32 strikeouts against just eight walks. Prior to that five outing stretch, Greinke struck out 15 Indians in a 6-2 win. He has been by far the best pitcher in baseball this year there shouldn’t even be an argument. But since there is one, let’s list all the reasons why he should be the undisputed winner.

Greinke’s 2.08 ERA is not just the best in the AL, it’s the best in all of baseball, by a strong margin. His WHIP is tops in the AL, he’s second to Justin Verlander in strikeouts, second to Roy Halladay in complete games, and the only pitcher in baseball with three shutouts. Yes Greinke’s win-loss record isn’t stellar at 15-8, but consider that the Royals are the 5th worst team in MLB and nobody else has a standout record that blows you away.

In the end, you really shouldn’t have to look farther than Greinke’s super-low 2.08 ERA to know that he’s the Cy Young winner. Consider that John Smoltz, Brad Penny, and Cliff Lee all looked much better and posted strong statistics upon changing from the AL to the NL and you can see how much more difficult it is to pitch in the AL. Forget how few wins Greinke has — he is the best pitcher in baseball this year.

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  • Jeff J

    Anyone who has actually seen this guy pitch would have no doubt he is the CY Young Award winner. Anyone who’s had to face a fantasy baseball team with him on it would have no doubt. It’s ridiculous that pitchers should be judged just on wins. 15 wins to me is enough to qualify for the Cy. The guy had 6 CG this year, along with 3 shutouts. Most players don’t pitch 6 CG in their entire career. If he doesn’t get the Cy Young then it will be a travesty.

  • Gene

    Let’s hope that reasonableness and objectivity can overcome ESPN and the Yankee publicity machine. My concern is that many more sportswriters have seen Sabathia pitch than have seen Greinke. I certainly hope they don’t screw it up this year. Read my buddy Jeff J’s comments for all of the reasons Greinke deserves the award, period.

  • Jeff J

    Thanks for the props Gene. If CC gets the award it will be a travesty.

    Check out these stats:

    April 4.73 ERA
    May 2.56 ERA
    June 3.77 ERA
    July 4.62 ERA
    Aug 2.64 ERA
    Sep 1.61 ERA

    In games he lost his team scored a total of 41 runs. In 11 of his wins, his team scored 7 runs or more.

    April 0.50 ERA
    May 1.57 ERA
    June 4.05 ERA
    July 2.53 ERA
    Aug 3.14 ERA
    Sep 0.35 ERA

    In games he lost his team scored a total of only 25 runs, that’s just over 3 runs a game. In 4 of those 8 games, his team scored NO runs. And 3 of them, scored 3 runs or less. In only 4 of his wins did his team score more than 7 runs.

    Taking nothing away from CC, because he is a great pitcher, but look at the overall consistency of Greinke. The guy threw a 2.53 ERA in July and his team couldnt win him a game. The award is for best pitcher, not best pitcher with the better offense. Webb won it in the past with only 16 wins. Johnson and Pedro won it with only 17 wins in previous years.

  • SpinMax

    There is no debate