Jeanie Buss thinks Phil Jackson will coach again, says he has his energy back

Phil Jackson continues to be the hot name brought up for the Knicks’ vacant coaching position, however, we still don’t have a definite answer as to whether Jackson has any desire to come back to coaching. But, for what it’s worth, his own girlfriend believes the legendary coach could eventually be returning to the sidelines.

Jeanie Buss was a guest Friday on the Mason and Ireland show on 710 ESPN in L.A. and said that Jackson is nearly fully recovered from a recent knee surgery that corrected discomfort he had while he was coaching the Lakers and will probably coach again one day in some capacity.

“He’s got his energy back,” Buss said, per I am a GM.  “As a matter of fact, I overheard him making plans to play tennis when he’s back in Montana with one of his friends. He hasn’t played tennis, I don’t think, in eight years. The knee replacement really is one of those operations that has such a high success rate. It gets people back to riding their bikes, or playing golf, or playing tennis. It really is a miracle. It’s one of those things that because of Phil’s schedule he wasn’t able to take the time to get the surgery and do the rehab. Now he’s done it, and I do think he has his energy back. Now he’s going to spend his time? I don’t know.”

The Knicks reportedly are continuing to be aggressive in their pursuit of Jackson. It’s still unclear whether Jackson would actually want to coach the Knicks. But I can think of two teams in L.A. who, depending on how things shake out this weekend, Phil might be interested in.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Lee/1729774050 Nick Lee

    Phil ; If your really going to come  back and you want a true testement of your coaching skills, I mean a challenge, try Portland at least they could’nt say ( anyone can win if you give them all those great players ) We have some good players and draft picks so what else could you possiblie need – and the best fans in the N.B.A*** Thanks Phil *** GO BLAZERS

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IHKJN2VMTNO62O2FV7OTVQ56LM TonySantito

    Who better CAN SAY that Phil Jackson has his energy back THAN JEANIE BUSS?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IHKJN2VMTNO62O2FV7OTVQ56LM TonySantito

    Nope, Phil will not put his record-achievement to risk.  He will help Pat Riley on LeBron because LeBron will still not get a ring this season.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XHJKFMCGSMBEQGBRKJVLKUGSEQ john g

    Jeanie is such a dime piece I would bang that