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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jeff Van Gundy wants to brand floppers with ‘F’ on jersey

Jeff Van Gundy is an opinionated guy, and he hates flopping. When you start talking about flopping with him, you’re going to get some strong thoughts.

The former NBA coach and current ABC/ESPN commentator was talking about the NBA’s new anti-flopping rule with Mike Breen during Friday’s Heat-Hornets preseason game. Players will be subjected to fines for flopping, and they could even be suspended if they are caught flopping too frequently.

“I was reading something the other day that said they didn’t think anybody would be suspended this year. Me? I think some of these guys will be suspended after one game because they flop so often,” said Van Gundy.

“Reggie Evans, if he plays 20 minutes in a game, he can’t help himself — he’s going to get the warning and the six in one game!

“And I don’t understand why [the NBA won’t make the flop violations public]. Why not call these guys out? That’s a flop, and he’s a flopper. I think they should, and I think they should put the flopping “F” on their uniform too.”

Classic Van Gundy. Who else (besides his brother) would suggest branding violators scarlet letter-style? Some players like Dirk Nowitzki think the new rules are crap, but Van Gundy likes it. Hey, if fines don’t work, maybe public shaming will be the only way to rid flopping from the game.

Big thanks to @CJZero for the story/video

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