Kevin Durant and girlfriend/fiancee Monica Wright supposedly taking a break

Kevin Durant Monica Wright

Kevin Durant and his girlfriend/fiancee Monica Wright are supposedly taking a break in their relationship.

Durant and Wright, a WNBA player for the Minnesota Lynx, got engaged in July. Wright was playing for a Korean basketball team briefly, but she left the team last month. The reason for her departure has been debated, but Media Take Out says she left because her father had a health scare. In the same report, Media Take Out says Durant and Wright are on a break, and they cite photos of Wright not wearing her engagement ring, and some of the social media messages she’s been posting, as their evidence.

Here’s a photo Wright posted on Dec. 22 that appears to show her ring is not on her ring finger:

Monica Wright ring

Wright frequently quotes scripture and Bible verses on her Twitter account, but some believe a few of the quotes she’s posted lately are related to her situation with Durant. There was this on Dec. 26:

Monica Wright Instagram note

“Fight the good fight of faith,” she captioned it.

And then this note on Jan. 4:

Monica Wright Instagram

“I swear, some stuff just don’t taste the same no more prolly cuz it’s #DEAD” was her caption.

If they are on break, they would be following the steps of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, who split last year before getting back together.

Durant hasn’t appeared on Wright’s Instagram page since September, and that’s after he appeared on it a handful of times during the summer. Maybe there’s something to the whispers.

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  • Jack

    Awww, somebody doesn’t realize those mirror selfies were taken with her right hand. Top notch reporting as always.

  • Dustin

    Uhhh… that’s not her right hand. You know how mirrors work, right?

  • fsb


  • fsb

    I see KD as very humble, but yet again you don’t know how he treats women. He loves his mum dearly like I do love my mum, so may be that’s a good clue. KD fan forever though!

  • Jack

    Her right hand is holding the phone, correct? Do YOU know how mirrors work?

  • Jack

    The original image LBS posted with this article.