LeBron and Kobe Talk a Little Trash on Christmas Day (Video)

There are very few times in my life where I’ve rooted for Kobe Bryant, but Christmas Day 2010 was one of them.  Like the rest of the people in the sporting world who aren’t Miami Heat fans, I’ve grown to despise LeBron James.  My Christmas wish fell short when the Heat dominated the Lakers, but it was fun to watch Kobe and LeBron jaw at each other in the fourth quarter.  As we showed you on Saturday, both players were debuting new Nikes, so wouldn’t Nike just want everyone to get along?  Oh well.  Check out the Kobe and LeBron trash talk video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

When asked about it after the game, Kobe told reporters he “just asked (LeBron) what he got for Christmas.”  It’s way too early to tell, but if these two superstars develop a hatred for one another over the course of the season and then meet in the NBA Finals, we could be in for a fun ride.

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  • Anonymous

    This feud is staged. Just something to generate interest in the NBA. Don’t fall for it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    Nothing has to be staged with Kobe. He hates everyone else in the league. I’m not even sure he doesn’t hate the other Lakers. What the NBA is still trying to do is turn it into a rivalry because it is entertainment after all.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I think Kobe was asking why LeBron charges so much for his shoes.