LeBron James gets leg cramps, sits out end of Game 4 (Video)

LeBron James missed the end of Game 4 of the NBA Finals against the Thunder on Tuesday because of leg cramps he suffered toward the end of the fourth quarter. James went down on a drive to the basket with 5:15 left after his legs clearly gave out. He returned 1:05 later and hit a big three to break a 94-all tie, but then he exited the game in the final minute after his legs gave him problems once again.

According to Brian Windhorst, LeBron was bothered by cramps at halftime, played through them in the third quarter, and could no longer bear it in the fourth.

Had the Heat lost the game, there’s no doubt James’ critics would have said he faked the injury so that he wouldn’t have to be on the floor during crunch-time. I’m sure there would have been jabs about Michael Jordan never getting cramps, either.

H/T Eye on Basketball for the video

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  • Geoff Marolda

    How does a guy that is being saturated with the entire line of G-Series and Gatorade get cramps in Game 4 of the NBA Finals? I’m not saying he is faking it by any means. But how do you not take care of your body?

  • Anonymous

    It certainly did not affect his ability to get up, score a couple of baskets before coming out. Let alone play defense. Faker, flopper, whiner and wimp. Go bite your fingernails.

  • http://twitter.com/Cottonheadgirl CottonHeadGirl

    It’s called the human body people sometimes the human body goes awry but the important thing is that he handled that 3 pointer and pulled the Heat ahead in those critical last seconds. So all of you that are mad that he did that can have SEVERAL SEATS!

    Team Heat.

  • Anonymous

    kobe should have drunk some gatorade,may be would still be playingLOL