Paul Pierce’s Twitter Page Was Hacked

The Celtics beat the Magic on the road in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Finals series on Tuesday night, taking a 2-0 series lead in the best of seven. Although the Celtics are 32-0 in the playoffs after taking a 2-0 series lead, sweeping the Magic is not a given — they still have to win two more games at home. Still, Boston star Paul Pierce supposedly was thinking sweep after the game because his PaulPierce34 twitter page said: “Anybody got a BROOM?”

Pierce’s twitter page is unquestionably his because he’s offered fans tickets through his page in the past and his account is verified. Obviously the tweet sent the media off in a frenzy and they even asked Dwight Howard in the postgame news conference for his thoughts on Pierce’s tweet. Howard was clearly upset to hear that Pierce was calling a sweep and said no comment before saying “Pride come before a fall.” Even though that tweet got Howard riled up, Pierce’s online representatives are saying the account was hacked.

Pro Basketball Talk did some excellent sleuthing and they point out that most updates to Paul Pierce’s twitter page come via text or the web. The now infamous “broom” tweet was made through a program called twitterific. Yeah, that does sound pretty fishy to me. Pierce’s internet handlers have even more evidence indicating there was a hacker: “RT @taramanis @athleteint I saw [Paul Pierce] talking to other reporters when these were sent… no cell in hand.”

The Celtics may get a sweep but let’s be clear: Paul Pierce is not taunting the Magic. Yet.

Paul Pierce’s Twitter account and good times on the internet [Pro Basketball Talk]

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  • http://LarryBrownSports Steve DelVecchio

    As a Celtics fan, I knew this was garbage the second I heard it. I’ll admit they love to trash talk on the court, but they’ve never really been the type to say stuff off of it. They have an all-business attitude, as evidenced by Doc Rivers saying they haven’t won anything yet after the game. I know, every coach says that, but it would be surprising if a veteran like Pierce was dumb enough to call a series a sweep when his team is up 2-0.

  • Dan

    Yeah it was bogus. I could possibly see a young player say something like this, but Pierce is a veteran and knows that Orlando is a good team and that this series is not won yet.