Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fighting Miguel Cotto Because Manny Pacquiao is Ducking Him

Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to talk trash to Manny Pacquiao, even though the two won’t be fighting in the near future. Mayweather announced Wednesday he will face Miguel Cotto on May 5th instead of Manny Pacquiao as many were hoping. Money couldn’t resist taking a jab at Pac Man, writing on Twitter:

Even though it was Floyd who was thought to be doing all the ducking in the past, he’s now turning the tables. Just because he’s been pushing to face Pac Man recently doesn’t make him a tough guy, but I like him calling out Pacquiao. If Manny is going to let promoter Bob Arum block the megafight everyone wants to see, then he deserves the criticism.

Step up Manny and make this happen.

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  • Gene

    I am not a fan of Arum, but Floyd has no business unilaterally picking the place and the date and not wanting to split the purse 50-50.    It sounds good, but it is all bullshit coming out of both of their camps.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    While this fight would be their biggest payday to date, the following fight for the loser would mean a drastic pay cut compared to what they make now per fight. So, they’ll continue to get as much as they can now. Maybe, they’ll fight when one or the other is about to retire.

  • Gene

    Good observation.  They take turns ducking, so you may be on to something.