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Monday, May 28, 2018

Manny Pacquiao could fight Juan Manuel Marquez next, not Timothy Bradley

Despite initially saying that a rematch with Timothy Bradley was the best next option for his fighter, Manny Pacquiao‘s promoter Bob Arum is now leaning closer to scheduling a fourth fight this fall against Pacquiao’s Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

“If the conditions are met, if someone puts up the money, we could take the fight to Mexico,” Arum said, according to ABS-CBN.

Arum said he and Pacquiao still need to consider what their more lucrative option would be. He also added that the Mexican government contributing money would make a Paciquiao-Marquez bout more likely to happen.

“The government knows what that kind of an event would do in the city and they know the economic benefits there would be,” Arum said. “[The leaders in Mexico City] should work together to [make it happen].”

Pacquiao won his previous two fights against Marquez, the latest being a controversial majority decision in November. Both boxers fought to a draw in their first bout in 2004.

Marquez’s promoter Fernando Beltran has already confirmed to ESPN that a fourth installment of the rivalry is going to happen this November.  Naturally, Beltran believes this is the best option from Pacquiao’s perspective.

“I’m speaking for myself, but it’s a logical thing, and it makes more sense,” he told the L.A. Times on Friday. “I believe it’s the fight the fans want more. … And I know Manny will like the fight for the fans.”

Pacquiao, for those with short memories, lost his WBO welterweight crown last week to Bradley in an ultra-controversial outcome that made seemingly everyone in the boxing media bust a blood vessel. Arum this week inquired the Nevada Attorney General to investigate the fight’s judging. Obviously the reasons for a rematch between both fighters would be straightforward.

But with Pacquiao-Marquez IV evidently gaining momentum, it looks like Pacquiao-Bradley II unfortunately might just have to be put on hold for now. Oh, right, and same with Pacquiao-Mayweather I.

Photo: Chris Cozzone/FightWireImages.com via US PRESSWIRE

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