Roy Jones Jr. Destroyed in First Round by Danny Green

Maybe Roy Jones Jr. thought that if he fought in Australia nobody back in the U.S. would hear about how poorly he performed. Guess he was wrong. Jones Jr. got destroyed by Danny Green in Sydney on Wednesday, losing by TKO in the first round. A right hand to the head knocked him down about halfway through the round and he was rendered defenseless after receiving a 10 count. The only difference between this pathetic effort and Roy’s debacle against Joe Calzaghe is that this one didn’t last long enough for him to be thoroughly embarrassed. Anyway, here’s video of the Danny Green/Roy Jones Jr. fight:

Jones Jr.’s moves are the same, his stance remains the same, and his footwork is just the way it’s always been. The only difference — and it’s a huge one — is that Roy lacks the speed and movement that used to separate him from everyone else. Roy used to be a blur in the ring — someone who couldn’t get caught by a punch. Now, he’s just a sitting duck. We asked him to retire after his sorry performance a year ago against Calzaghe. I don’t even know what to say anymore. At 54-6, he’s just an embarrassment ruining his legacy. I hope he cancels his fight with Bionic Man Bernard Hopkins.

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  • Gene

    When speed was your greatest asset and you lose it, that is bad enough. However, when it turns out that you have a glass jaw, then you better retire. That right hand didn’t even appear to land flush and Jones went down and then was out on his feet.

    Any boxing commission which grants him a license to fight in the future ought to have a lot of liability insurance, because he is going to become permanently damaged if not killed in the ring if he continues to fight.

  • http://www.dreamtree.co.uk Colin Livingstone

    Roy Jones was dropping his left guard, anticipating a fast jab position whilst Green’s defence was textbook stuff. Jones unleashed a few fast jabs, and missed a few more as Green manouevered Jones near the corner. Two seconds later…game over. The same mistake of the lowered left guard Lennox Lewis made against McCall and Rahman.Green has an iron chin and should he fight at super middle or light heavy could be an interesting opponent for Kessler, Froch, Mundine or the mighty B-Hop.Jones looked as if his head was somewhere else, like a rabbit stunned by car headlights.

  • http://www.dreamtree.co.uk Colin Livingstone

    Expedient to note that if either Calzaghe or Green fought Jones in his prime that they would have been stretched. I was never convinced of Calzaghe’s decision against Hopkins, which I rated a draw or even slightly in favour of Hopkins.It was obvious Roy Jones was lacking tone and top fitness against Calzaghe and also going through other troubles outside of the ring.A great fighter who has lost motivation in recent years…but with the courage to still face the best and risk everything.