Tony Stewart throws helmet at Matt Kenseth after wreck (Video)

Tony Stewart was fuming after wrecking during Saturday’s Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol, Tenn., and he showed his displeasure with Matt Kenseth by throwing his helmet at the No. 17 car.

Stewart and Kenseth were battling for the lead on lap 332 when Kenseth slid up and made contact with the No. 14 car. Stewart moved down on the track and continued the contact with Kenseth until both cars crashed.

Stewart was so upset with Kenseth that he chucked his helmet at the No. 17 car as Kenseth was making his way down pit road.

Stewart, a three-time Sprint Cup winner, is known for speaking his mind and lacking a filter, so the reaction was hardly surprising. It was actually pretty awesome.

Stewart then promised to run over Kenseth every chance he gets.

“We weren’t that great of a race car,” Stewart said during interviews, per FOXSports.com. “But we were definitely faster than that after that restart. I checked up twice to not run over him (Kenseth), and I learned my lesson there. I’m going to run over him every him every chance I’ve got from now ‘til the end of the year, every chance I’ve got.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1072854383 Angela Parker Ramsey

    The announcers praised tony stewart for poor sportsmanship by throwing his helmet at matt kenseth car. I think the announcers should not make it so obvious that they stick by fan favorites, I think nascar should fine tony stewart and dock points for poor sportsmanship

  • http://twitter.com/SportsGuerilla Sports Guerilla

    Stewart is a fat cunt and always has been. As the announcers correctly pointed out, what occurred is just racing. He should quit bitching and just race. His act is as tired as Chris Berman’s.

  • lonnie slone

    kenseth has been a dirty driver from the get go. hope tony run’s him over every chance he get’s. kenseth try’s to drive with the big boy’s in reality,he ain’t even inn the same league. what a joke.

  • theclaw1

    You don’t have to use that four letter word to decribe anyone or anything . It just makes you sound like a seven letter word ! You figure it out  brainwave!

  • NottaStewartFan

    Looks like Stewart’s bad “don’t give a crap” attitude finally won, as he lived up to his verbal acknowledgment of wanting to run someone over. His bad attitude willfully took someone’s life.