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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard shows a ton of confidence in Indiana with his bracket (Picture)


Greg Ballard, the mayor of Indianapolis, feels confident that Indiana University can win it all this year. Like many other politicians, Ballard filled out his 2013 NCAA tournament bracket this week. You probably could have predicted that he would pick the Hoosiers to win it all. What you may not have seen coming is that he picked them to win every game — as in, even the ones they aren’t playing in.

How long did it take Ballard to fill in his bracket? If you figure out how long it takes the mayor to write “IU” 63 times, you have your answer. Reddit user backnblack92 summed up Ballard’s selections perfectly.

I mean he had IU, IU, IU, and IU, when the obvious choice would’ve been IU, IU, IU, and IU … And seriously in the South region his upset of IU over IU is just ridiculous. Wtf was this guy smoking? There is no way that IU comes out on top in that one. IU will wipe the floor with them.

I think the midwest sweet 16 matchup of IU vs IU could end up being one of the better games this march. Mark my words, if IU comes out. Controls the game. And plays up to their potential then there is no way IU will knock them off. That Zeller fellow on IU’s team will dominate that tall white boy IU has.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Indiana could very well wind up cutting down the nets in April. Our own Larry Brown (whose full tournament bracket can be seen here) picked the Hoosiers to win it all. But LB didn’t pick Indiana to beat Indiana. That would just be crazy.

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