Nebraska AD Wants Five Years of Eligibility for Athletes

Huh? Whaaat? I guess it’s his way of helping Nebraska fans get more enjoyment — but memo — it’s too late to work the magic with Tommy Frazier and Eric Crouch. Lemme see how this works … it takes four years on average to graduate, yet athletes should have five years of eligibility? What, are all these athletes going to grad school? Are they all engineers on the five-year plan (like so many of my friends reading the site — you know who you are!)? What’s the deal?

Husker athletic director Steve Pederson is chairman of the NCAA football issues committee, which is advocating a proposal that would give athletes five seasons of playing eligibility. As it stands, players are allowed to play four seasons in a five-year window.

“We’ve asked that it be put on the agenda of every conference in the country at their spring meetings so it can be discussed,” Pederson said of the proposal. “As a committee, we believe it has validity. And now we want to find out if other people believe like we do.”

What sort of validity could there be to having five seasons of eligibility? Someone please answer this for me!

(via Fark)

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  • Curtis

    It’s Nebraska. They have nothing else. At least give them this

  • Connor

    Come on! He’s this is just his view of making the game better, why not give it a chance

    Nothing at Nebraska?
    how bout the biggest and best dynasty college football has ever seen.

    Dont fuck with nebraska