Tremendous Notre Dame shirt calls Alabama fans ‘mobile homers’


The BCS National Championship Game is not for another two weeks, but that’s not stopping Notre Dame and Alabama fans from trading trash talk. The funny thing is that most of the trash talk has come via clever T-shirts.

Last week, we shared this shirt that got Jimmy Clausen in trouble. This week, it’s a Notre Dame fan shirt that calls the Irish “golden domers,” and Alabama supporters “mobile homers.”

This is another one of those unlicensed shirts, but it’s sure to tick off Bama fans.

Jan. 7 in Miami, it is on. We think the mobile homers will come out on top.

Photo: Twitter/Shawn Jenkins
H/T Darren Rovell

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CROQSHPA5FKSNMNHOTD7NMMQXM Froggy

    Not very christian of the Domer Fans! May the Mobile Homers beat your Baptist Catholics by 40 points or more.

  • randymyers

    i am a big notre dame fan,and your right,i dont like this gargage. but remember notre dame is not putting this out!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PE7WV5NCG335ECOOP53PUNPHFM Glenn

    I hope kids who live in mobile homes anywhere in the country don’t see this and feel bad about their home. You should be ashamed for personally attacking a large segment of society in order to feel good about yourselves. I hope BAMA kicks your collective as-es and from what I have seen during the season you are out of your league. You are not getting beat but beat up!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PE7WV5NCG335ECOOP53PUNPHFM Glenn

     You should feel ashamed that you have hurt children’s pride all over the nation. Living in a mobile home is not disgraceful but making fun of people who do is distasteful. I hope ALABAMA whoops your collective butts. A little tibit for you,…you are out of your league and are going to be embarrissed..Sickos

  • NoPinkos

    How pathetic you are…………do you know the history of the ND sdudent pep club having fun….Catholic vs Convicts(U.Miami) vs Rednecks(Nebraska) vs Mobile Homers(Alabama)
    lighting up…theres a lot more controversy in college sports….at least the ND players will graduate.