Tyrann Mathieu entered drug rehab facility, will remain there for foreseeable future

It would appear that Tyrann Mathieu does not intend to play football this fall at LSU or any other school. According to Fox 8 in New Orleans, Mathieu checked into a drug rehabilitation clinic in Houston on Monday and will remain there for an undetermined period of time. The Honey Badger and his parents decided as a family that it would be best if he remained at the facility in the near future rather than concerning himself with school or football.

Fox 8 reports that Tyrann’s father, Tyrone, said that he and Tyrann agree that until he “conquers his demons” he will not be able to succeed in whatever it is he chooses to do in the future. If he takes care of his drug problem, they believe football will sort itself out.

Mathieu is also reportedly being mentored by former NBA player and coach John Lucas. You may remember Lucas from the time he gave up on JaMarcus Russell, but he has developed programs that help athletes work through the problems of addiction and handle the added pressures life can present them. Hopefully for the Honey Badger, the end result is better than it was with JaMarcus.

H/T Deadspin

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6BJLB37MOAR7D6IZ6OP5Y5PITQ M

    This goes to show how these atheletes waste an education. Fortunately, for the NFL he will no longer be a desirable player and probably just threw away any chance of having a future. Thats probably a good thing since having lots of money would put him right back into drugs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23406641 Hunter Ansley

    What a dumb comment. This guy is actually trying to do something about his problem,  and you feel it necessary to lump him in with guys who wasted their talent by never correcting their problems. Take the damn plank out of your own eye first.