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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

At Eastern Motors, They’ll Drop Your Credit

So I posted early Saturday at MLB Fanhouse saying that the Rockies are attempting to market the team by making commercials. Towards the bottom of the post I mentioned that anytime I have a chance to work in an Eastern Motors commercial, you better believe that I will. 

For a little background here, I was in a football picks pool in the fall. Of course you have some clever names, a few really lame ones, several inside jokes which do the rest of us no good, and then some you just simply don’t get. “Eastern Motors,” was one of those. So I decided to ask the owner where he got the name. He replied by asking if I had DirecTV.  I answered, “no,” and he suggested I go to youtube and look up Eastern Motors. 

Well, I did, and I came across sheer brilliance. The video I posted over at fanhouse was money, but this ain’t bad either —

Sign it with me now, “At Eastern Motors-Motors, They’ll Drop Your Credit-Credit”

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