Birdman Andersen sure dressed up for the Miami Heat’s Thanksgiving

Miami Heat Thanksgiving

The Miami Heat spent Thanksgiving at LeBron James’ estate in Akron and had some nice team bonding time. They were already in Cleveland for a game the night before, so they decided to hang around the area to spend the holiday at James’ palace.

Naturally, a couple of the team’s players shared photos on social media from the event. You can see many of the players dressed casually or slightly nicer … and then there was Birdman.

Chris Birdman Andersen rocked a beanie and I’m almost certain that’s a Remetee shirt he has on. Remetee, you may recall, is the clothing line started by Ryan Braun.

Birdman Thanksgiving

Birdman Andersen — still about that thug life, even on Thanksgiving.

Photo: Instagram/LeBron James

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  • Lucas

    I count 6 other guys in t-shirts and one guy wearing a football jersey. How is Chris Andersen underdressed?!

  • Lucas

    Chris Bosh is also wearing a beanie.

  • Guest

    Did you ever think maybe it was hot as hell in there and he took off a sweater or even a button up?! Half the team has on t-shirts. They probably all took their first layer off at some point. Get over it. Bird is such a nice guy. His personality definitely trumps his style.