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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Loses to Blogger in Beer Chug

And here I was, thinking that Joey Chestnut was some sort of a badass. At a time when America was losing ground in athletic competitions to the rest of the world, at least we had Joey Chestnut to step up and show everyone that there is something America can still do well — pig out. He beat Kobayashi in the hot dog eating competition and brought back respectability to our nation. Anyway, though he might be the top eater in the country, he somehow couldn’t beat Yardbarker blogger master Dewey Hammond at a beer chug. Check it:

I dunno, that looked pretty legit to me. Maybe Dewey just has the ability to open up his throat and guzzle like a champ. And where I come from, opening up your throat to max capacity isn’t exactly a gift for a male. Nonetheless, pretty impressive on Dewey’s part.

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