Tracy Morgan Sarah Palin Video – ‘Great Masturbation Material’

During the pregame show for the New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat game on TNT Thursday night, Charles Barkley and the gang were joined by actor and comedian Tracy Morgan.  Personally, I don’t think this guy is funny.  I’ve seen his work a few times on 30 Rock and I’m always annoyed.  Something about a guy who makes money playing dumb just gets under my skin.

However, anyone that makes crude comments on the air that make everyone uncomfortable is okay in my book.  When we think of things that shouldn’t have been said or done on the air on TNT, we immediately think of Barkley.  This time it was Morgan providing the awkwardness when he called Sarah Palin “good masturbation material.”  Have a look at the video:

I love how Morgan reiterated it just in case we didn’t hear him clearly the first time.  Congratulations, Chuck — you’re off the hook for once.

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  • Gabe Garcia

    I used to work at the Palm Beach Improv, and had the “luxury” of delivering this guys food to the “green room” where he was sitting with his friends or..co-workers..whatever they were. All this guy did was smoke and drink. From Friday to Sunday I never saw him once looking crisp. He was impolite and inconsiderate to others. Not a classy guy at all.