Boomer Esiason: the Jets should cut Tim Tebow

There is no shortage of people who feel as though the Jets made a mistake in trading for Tim Tebow, but Boomer Esiason may have offered the strongest opposition currently on record Monday morning. Boomer, who co-hosts the “Boomer & Carton” show on WFAN, held nothing back when discussing how the Jets should use Tebow this season. His solution? Don’t use him at all. In fact, get rid of him.

“I’m just telling you right now, I would (cut him), and I’ll tell you why I would,” Esiason said according to CBS New York. “It’s not in any way, shape or form — I think — benefiting this team.”

Esiason has never been a Tebow fan, and this is not the first time he has advised a team to cut him. After a poor game last season, Boomer said the Broncos should let Tebow go. The Jets claim they intend to make Tebow a signifcant part of the plan by using his in red zone situations and even throwing him on special teams, but Boomer feels he has absolutely no value to the team.

“All you have to do is watch him throw the ball,” he continued. “Just watch him. You can say whatever you want about Tim Tebow. He played some of the worst football that any quarterback has ever played in the history of the game last year at times.”

Esiason added that there’s a reason the Broncos dealt him and that John Elway knows “a little bit” about playing quarterback in the NFL. He also said the only reason Tebow is on the Jets is to solve a character issue. Boomer certainly isn’t alone in his opinion. Joe Namath called the Jets acquisition of Tebow a “major distraction” and Jim Kelly expressed similar thoughts during the offseason. By calling for the Jets to cut him, however, Boomer has become the president of the Anti-Tebow Association among former players and analysts.

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  • merz74

    Too bad Boomer knows nothing about quarterbacks….  very unprofessional to a young guy who gives twice as much effort as Boomer ever did….. by the way Boomer you looked like crap in many games.

  • BoomerWho

    Who is Boomer. Has anybody actually seen him live throw ans win a game, please reply.

  • Gene

    Tebow brings nothing but controversy and divides teams.  I hope the Jets keep him and that he and Rex Ryan fall on their faces.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GRMX533NKAUDC33B7AYLTVFR54 Scott

    I did, he was good. I’m not a fan of  his and think he has a big mouth ans is full of himself, but he was a good QB and he’s right about Tebow – overhyped, under talented. He’s the Jersey Shore of NFL QB’s.