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Monday, June 18, 2018

Calvin Johnson Now Rocks a Megatron Transformers Hat (Picture)

Calvin Johnson is hands down the best receiver in the NFL. When you’re as good as he is at making plays, you do what you want. That includes embracing your nickname in any way you please. According to MLive.com, Johnson busted out the Transformers Megatron hat you see above on Monday night after the Lions beat the Cowboys to improve to 5-0.

The symbol on the hat is that of the Decepticons, which is the group of Transformers Megatron leads. Roy Williams gave Calvin the name back in 2007 because of his size and physical ability, and as Justin Rogers of MLive.com pointed out it has to be one of the sickest nicknames in sports. When you have the ability to burn a defense the way Johnson does, it’s only fitting that your nickname should equate you to a massive machine. Expect to see a massive spike in the sale of these hats in the coming days.

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