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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Colin Kaepernick wanted contract that would allow 49ers to extend other teammates

Colin-Kaepernick-flexingThe initial numbers for the Colin Kaepernick contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers were actually misleading, and therefore likely leaked by his agent. The real numbers, as reported by Pro Football Talk, indicate the deal is actually significantly more team-friendly than first reported.

PFT says Kaepernick’s contract calls for just over $13 million in guaranteed money, which is far less guaranteed up-front money than many other quarterbacks sign for. The deal also amounts to a bunch of one-year options for the team, where they have up until April 1 to decide if they want to pick up Kaepernick’s salary.

The salary amounts are:
2015 – $12.4 million
2016 – $13.9 million
2017 – $16.5 million
2018 – $17 million
2019 – $18.8 million
2020 – $21 million

Those are all very reasonable salary amounts, especially if you figure that the salary cap will increase at a fair rate over the next several years. Additionally, the amounts available can decrease by $2 million per season unless Kaepernick reaches a Super Bowl or is named All-Pro or second-team All-Pro. He only has to do that once to stop the de-escalator, and the earlier Kaepernick accomplishes either feat, the better chance he’ll have at realizing the full value of the contract. PFT has the full details on the de-escalator as they call it.

The deal is fine for Kaepernick because he has some guaranteed money in hand, but it’s great for the 49ers for a few reasons. One, they hold options on Kaepernick and can cut him loose after any season if they don’t like his development/performance. Two, the structure allows them the ability to fill out the rest of the roster well.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Kaepernick wanted to structure his contract in a way that would allow the Niners the ability to extend his other teammates. For example, tight end Vernon Davis is talking about holding out because he wants more money, and wide receiver Michael Crabtree is likely seeking a big-money deal from the team.

“When signing this deal, Kaepernick specifically requested his deal allow the 49ers the flexibility to negotiate contract extensions with other players, such as wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who has one year left on his deal,” reported Schefter on SportsCenter.

“When signing, Kaepernick specifically asked, ‘So this structure gives us room to try extensions with my teammates, right?’ Once Kaepernick was told yes, he signed away …”

Now that they have Kaepernick’s contract out of the way, it will be extremely interesting to see what they do with their other players.

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